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Miami Vice was one of the first TV shows to be broadcast in stereo, but most TVs didn't support stereo audio at the time. In order to hear the 1984 Miami Vice pilot in stereo, viewers were expected to tune into a simulcast FM transmission on their HiFi.

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Febuary the 9th, 1964, almost half (45%) of all US television viewers tuned into the same program: The Ed Sullivan Show and The Beatles

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  1. Bart Gets An F" is the highest rated episode of The Simpsons. 33.6 million viewers tuned in during its original airing on October 11, 1990.

  2. OJ Simpson's Car Chase Led To Record Sales At Domino's Pizza. More than 95 million viewers tuned in to watch O.J. Simpson evade police and obviously needed pizza.

  3. The halftime show for 2015's Super Bowl XLIX had more viewers than the actual Super Bowl itself- 118 million people watched Katy Perry perform, while only 114 million viewers tuned in for the actual game.

  4. The Grand National, a steeplechase horse race in the UK, scheduled for 5.15pm today (4th April).Draws more viewers than the Super Bowl and UEFA cup final combined. 600 million people across the globe tune in to watch this horse race. Making it the most watched sporting event on the planet.

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