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Venus Flytraps are native to with an approximate 100mi circle around Wilmington, North Carolina -- not the Amazon or some other jungle.

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Venus flytraps are native to North and South Carolina, not tropical rainforests.

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  1. All wild Venus Flytraps live within a 75-mile radius of Wilmington, North Carolina.

  2. Venus flytraps were believed to be an alien species because they seemed to grow in places where meteorites were found. It was thought they had been brought to Earth by meteors.

  3. Venus Flytrap s only appear naturally on the coasts of NC, and SC; all within the 60 mile (100km) radius of Wilmington, NC

  4. There are fewer than 33,000 Venus flytraps living in the wild, and they're all in North Carolina.

  5. Venus flytraps are only native to North and South Carolina.

  6. The Venus Flytrap is only native to one area of the world. That area; North and South Carolina.

  7. Venus Flytraps are actually native only to a small area in North and South Carolina; they're vulnerable to extinction due to a crime ring that has developed around poaching them and selling to alternative medicine companies.

  8. Venus Flytraps are only native to a 60-mile radius around Wilmington, NC

  9. Venus Flytraps are native only to the coastal wetlands of North and South Carolina.

  10. Venus Flytraps Risk Extinction in the Wild

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What can venus flytraps eat?

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General anesthetic drugs that are used in humans can make plants "pass out" as well. For example, a Venus flytrap's leaves will not snap shut when poked while under the influence of these drugs. The mechanism of this phenomenon is unclear. - source

Bladderworts, a carnivorous plant family, capture their victims when their victims trigger special hairs next to the trap. Then the trap sucks the victims in 100 times faster than the Venus flytrap with 600 Gs of force. - source

Venus flytraps distinguish living prey from everything else by having trigger hairs that must be stimulated twice within 20 seconds for the lobes to snap shut. - source

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Venus Flytraps are actually endemic to the Swamps of North and South Carolina ans are found nowhere else

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Venus Flytraps are Native to the Carolinas, and Have Spread to other East Coast Areas

Venus Flytrap-carnivorous plant is only native to boggy parts of North & South Carolina, U.S.A.

There's a Venus flytrap black market in North Carolina

When do venus flytraps come out of dormancy?

There is basically a venus flytrap black market that sprouted a crime ring in the Carolinas.

About Aldrovanda, an underwater carnivorous plant related and similar to the venus flytrap.

Venus Flytrap plants are the subject of a black market trade that is threatening their existence in the wild.

Venus Flytrap is a plant that actually eats animals

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Before the Venus Flytrap had an official name, scientists had other dirty-minded nicknames for it.

There is a black market for Venus flytraps.

How venus flytraps avoid closing on false alarms

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