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The doctor who claimed that there was a link between autism and vaccines had his medical licence removed when he was found to have fabricated evidence.

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There is a count for preventable illnesses and deaths caused by Jenny McCarthy and the anti-vaccine movement since 2007. It currently stands at 144,866 preventable illnesses and 6,312 preventable deaths. The number of autism diagnoses linked to vaccines? 0

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  1. The doctor who claimed to have discovered a link between vaccinations and Autism, had his medical license removed when it was discovered that he fabricated the evidence that supported his claims.

  2. Andrew Wakefield, a former British doctor known for his fraudulent claim that vaccines cause autism, bribed small children for samples of their blood. This was done at his son's birthday party without consent from the children's parents.

  3. Thimerosal the preservative that was said to cause autism from vaccines hasn't been in vaccines for 15 years.

  4. The modern "debate" about vaccines and autism began after Adnrew Wakefield falsified data and sought to profit from it... Because of this, he has been stripped of his medical license and innocent children have died due to his lies...

  5. Some people believe that vaccinations can cause other illnesses such as autism, but it has not been proven yet.

  6. Donald Trump believes vaccines can cause autism.

  7. vaccines may actually PREVENT Autism.

  8. Not only do vaccinations NOT cause autism, but rubella might. The vaccination against rubella can prevent autism.

  9. Rolling Stone once ran a story by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that claimed vaccines cause autism. The story was later retracted.

  10. The originating source who perpetrated the hoax, vaccines linked to autism, is a fraud.

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Why did the smallpox vaccine leave a scar?

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A 2011 study came to the conclusion that the MMR vaccine actually PREVENTS autism

British researchers found that common cleaning solvents expose children to lead, arsenic and methylmercury and may be the actual explanation for increased Autism - not vaccinations. - source

A doctor, Andrew Wakefield, published a research paper in 1998 suggesting evidence that autism is linked to the MMR vaccine. Later it was discovered that he was paid by lawyers to forge trials. - source

Dr. Andrew Wakefield published a research paper in 1998 suggesting evidence that autism is linked to the MMR vaccine. Later it was discovered that he was paid by lawyers to manipulate patient data and forge results

There is a website that reveals the truth on how vaccines cause autism. - source

When was the smallpox vaccine invented?

The journal that published the study linking MMR vaccine with autism, retracted it in 2010. The editor claimed he felt decieved.

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Both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton pandered to anti-vaccine voters in 2008. Both stating that the science was either inconclusive, or that the link between vaccine and autism should be investigated.

Anti - Vaccine, Andrew Wakefield - 'founder' of the 'link between vaccination and autism' , was found guilty of misconduct(statistical manipulation etc) and barred from practicing medicine in the UK

During the 2008 presidential election, McCain, Obama, and Clinton all refused to deny that vaccines are linked to autism.

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