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All The American Flags on The Moon are Now White Because of The Intense UV Radiation From The Unfiltered Sunlight

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Zip ties are color-coded to show their intended use. Black zip ties are resistant to UV radiation and made for outdoor use, blue zip ties are metal-detectable and used in the food industry, red zip ties have high resistance and are used in electronics, and white zip ties are general indoor use.

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  1. Sea urchins like to pick things up off the ground to protect themselves from UV radiation and it makes it look like they are wearing hats.

  2. The sunscreen rating SPF 15 means 1/15th of the UV-B radiation is not blocked. SPF 30 means 1/30th, etc.

  3. Three of the six US flags planted during the Apollo missions are apparently still standing, but they've been bleached white by years of exposure to UV radiation.

  4. An allotrope of oxygen is ozone (O3), which forms the upper atmospheric ozone layer and absorbs UV radiation from the sun.

  5. Fungi can grow in areas where other organisms can"t, such as in deserts, high salt environments, the deep sea, in high UV and cosmic radiation regions of the atmosphere and space, and in other living creatures.

  6. The thermosphere absorbs a lot of the UV radiation and X-ray given off by the sun. When the sun is more active and the thermosphere heats up more, this layer of earth's atmosphere increases in size.

  7. The projects that scientists work on in Antarctica include studies of the species living in the region, global warming, meteorites, glaciology, UV radiation, volcanoes, astronomy, and climatology.

  8. Afro-textured hair may have initially evolved because of an adaptive need amongst intense UV radiation of the sun in Africa

  9. th an SPF rating. SPF stands for sun protection factor to UV rays. If a product has a rating of 30, it means that 1/30th of the sun's burning radiation will be able to reach the skin. This includes applying sunscreen to 2mm thickness on the skin.

  10. Pilots flying for 56.6 minutes at 30,000 feet receive the same amount of UV-A [cancer-causing] effective radiation as that from a 20-minute tanning bed session

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Fire moss that inhabits Antarctica uses pigments to protect its fragile stems from destructive UV radiation.

90% of the ozone layer is found in the stratosphere's upper crust. This ozone layer is important for man's survival, and for the survival of life on earth, as it absorbs the UV radiation from the sun that would otherwise be deadly.

Up to 80 percent of UV radiation from sun can penetrate clouds and it's possible to get a sunburn during winter. - source

There are several risk factors for skin cancer that people can avoid to reduce their chances of developing the disease. These include exposure to UV radiation from the sun, and from tanning beds, sunburns, and exposure to certain chemicals such as paraffin, coal tar, and particular oils.

plants produce compounds to protect them from UV radiation. - source

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Ozone is important for ensuring that just the right amount of ultraviolet radiation reaches the earth. This UV radiation is important for the production of vitamin D in humans, but too much can destroy tissue.

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Beer in green bottles smells so bad because the glass doesn't do a good job of filtering UV radiation - so the beer ends up getting UV damage from the sun!

SPF 15 absorbs 93% of UV radiation, while SPF 40 is only 98%, only a 5% increase.

About the Shadow Rule: If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin and eyes.

UV-B radiation reaching the earth would be 350 million times stronger if it wasn't for the ozone layer

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Biological samples of lichen were exposed for 1.5 years outside the ISS to the combined impact of insolation, ultraviolet (UV)-irradiation, cosmic radiation, temperatures and vacuum conditions of LEO space.

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