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Artist Binh Danh develops photographs directly on to leaves, using the natural combination of chlorophyll and sunlight. Also, TIL that's possible.

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There is a town in the Alps that does not get any direct sunlight for 84 days. However the town fixed that by installing a giant mirror on the side of the mountain.

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  1. The reason factories often have those distinct zig zag roofs is to allow in natural light while shielding workers/machines from direct sunlight. The windows face away from the equator to allow in only diffuse light.

  2. Potatoes turn green when kept in direct sunlight & will often release high quantities of the nerve toxin solanine - causing nausea, headaches, vomiting, and diarrhea.

  3. Industrial facilities' roofs used to zigzag, with the steeper sides facing away from the equator. This is to keep the area well-lit, but without exposing workers to direct sunlight.

  4. Solar cells can directly use sunlight to generate electricity.

  5. Leaves of eucalyptus have lanceolate shape. They are positioned downwards to prevent direct exposure to the sunlight (and consequent loss of water).

  6. A team of researchers recorded the buzzing of the bees through all stages of the eclipse. The bees were active and noisy right up to the last moments before totality (the moon blocks all direct sunlight). As totality hit, the bees went totally silent in unison.

  7. One of the steps of the poop disposal protocol when in the outdoors is to smear the poop thinly on a rock that receives direct sunlight so that the UV rays cook the pathogens, dry out the dung and the wind blows it away

  8. Dogo Argentino has plenty of energy and it requires vigorous exercise each day. It can be an ideal partner for jogging. Dogo Argentino has sensitive skin and it should not spend too much time exposed to direct sunlight when temperature is very high.

  9. Jack Russell is prone to sunburns because of its sensitive skin and thin, light-colored fur. It should not spend too much time exposed to direct sunlight during the very hot days.

  10. Rjukan, a Norwegian town that experiences 7 months of no direct sunlight, built large mirrors on a nearby mountainside to reflect the sun and illuminate the town square.

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Gray rat snake is an excellent climber that spends most of its life on the trees. During the warmest part of the day, it likes to sunbathe on the branches exposed to direct sunlight.

Yale's Rare Book & Manuscript Library has translucent veined marble windows for subdued lighting but still protects from direct sunlight. - source

Dark horses attract much more horse-flies than white horses, because their darker coat reflects sunlight as polarized linearly in the same direction as the horizon. - source

Male fertilizes long string of nearly 900 eggs hidden under the rocks that protect eggs from direct sunlight. Panamanian golden frogs do not show parental care. Eggs are left on their own until they hatch.

Exposing a glass of beer to just a few seconds of direct sunlight can skunk it, because UV light reacts quickly with compouds in hops to create the skunky chemical and humans can detect it at four parts-per-trillion. - source

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"Mexican Jumping Beans" are real, while they are in fact not beans they are seeds that contain moth larvae that move the seed when in direct sunlight or a source of heat.

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About the facekini - a mask designed by Chinese accountant, Zhang Shifan, for swimmers and beachgoers which covers the head and reveals only the eyes, nose, and mouth. The mask is used by people for protecting themselves from tan-inducing ultraviolet rays while in direct sunlight.

Moscow got only 6 minutes of direct sunlight in December 2017, darkest month in the history of city weather observation.

The Oriental Hornet is solar powered and can convert sunlight directly into electricity, the purpose of which is still unknown. (number 6, good article about electric eels and whatnot too)

There exist such things as "invisible fire", that almost emit no smoke and beacuse of it's purity of blue colour it's hard to see in direct sunlight.

About the Ceramic Device that Turns Saltwater Into Drinking Water Using The Direct Sunlight

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About the SODIS Method - A way for people in developing countries can use to disinfect water with nothing but an old soda bottle, direct sunlight, and time.

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