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There have been 18 incidences of theft or loss of highly enriched uranium and plutonium confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency in the last 12 years.

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Depleted uranium is the less radioactive part of uranium ore from the "enrichment" purification process rather than "used-up" nuclear fuel. It is used in munitions because of its density, self-sharpening and incendiary properties.

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  1. The USS Indianapolis was sunk 4 days after delivering the enriched uranium for "Little Boy", the first nuclear weapon used in combat. In addition to being the largest ever loss of life for the US Navy at sea, the sinking resulted in the most shark attacks on humans in history.

  2. Most nuclear submarines never require refuelling, using just a few kilograms of enriched uranium over their lifespan

  3. In 1945 he was called to Sverdlovsk-44 to increase its uranium enrichment capabilities.

  4. When Khan's research and evidence was dismissed by those working on Pakistan's atomic bomb project, a meeting was held and Khan was finally placed in charge of the uranium enrichment program.

  5. Khan contributed important work to the study of metals on gas centrifuges, which were important to the field of uranium enrichment for nuclear reactors.

  6. The Iranian nuclear program was started with help from the United States. Under a program called "Atoms for Peace" the US exported nuclear equipment and plans along with Highly Enriched Uranium to 30 countries.

  7. The US and Israeli gov't designed a 500KB computer worm that infected the software of at least 14 industrial sites in Iran, including a uranium-enrichment plant

  8. Major industry in Tennessee includes coal mining, electrical power and enriched uranium production, the music industry, car manufacturing, and tourism.

  9. A 500KB computer virus called 'Stuxnet'. In 2009 it was used to sabotage the Iranian Nuclear Program , specifically, the centrifuges for separating nuclear material used in the enrichment process of Uranium.

  10. The UN only allows nuclear reactors in space if they're fueled by "highly enriched uranium 235".

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It's thanks to A.Q. Khan North Korea has nukes. "In 1993, downloaded secret information on uranium enrichment was delivered to North Korea in exchange for information on developing ballistic missiles"

North Korea got their Uranium Enrichment capability from Pakistan, who traded it for Missile technology and bribes for Army officials - source

Of the 64 kg of Enriched Uranium in the Little Boy Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima Only 0.6g was Converted into the Energy that Made the Explosion - source

Kodak owned and operated a nuclear reactor in their Rochester, New York facility, complete with enriched Uranium.

In 2012 an 82-year-old nun broke into a half-billion dollar highly enriched uranium storage facility - source

When were the ural mountains formed?

The nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima was made of 141 pounds of enriched Uranium-235. The bomb dropped a few days later on Nagasaki was 8kg of Plutonium-239. These served as tests for the U.S. military to determine the more effective bomb for use in the future.

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In 1942, the US War Department borrowed 14,000 tons of Government silver (metal) to aid in the production of enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon

A nuclear bomb's worth of highly-enriched Soviet uranium is on the black market and attempts by the thieves to sell the material were thwarted in 1999, 2001, and 2011. The material has not been recovered.

Kodak had a Nuclear Reactor loaded with enriched uranium in their Rochester facility

Stuxnet, a cyber weapon likely developed by the US and Israel to destroy Iranian uranium enrichment facilities, also infected a Russian nuclear power plant.

About Sister Megan Rice, a Roman Catholic nun that, at age 82, broke in to the Y-12 National Security Complex (with 2 other protesters) and spray painted anti-war slogans and splashed blood on the Highly Enriched Uranium Materials Facility.

When did the ural mountains form?

Kodak Had a Secret Nuclear Reactor Loaded With Enriched Uranium Hidden In a Basement

RAW first confirmed Pakistan's nuclear programs by analyzing the hair samples snatched from the floor of barber shops near KRL; which showed that Pakistan had developed the ability to enrich uranium to weapons-grade quality. RAW agents knew of Khan Research Laboratories from at least early 1978.

Chairman Hu Yaobang offered North Korea China’s soybeans from the Northeast and frozen pork as substitutes for the enriched atomic uranium when Kim Il Sung asked the Chinese Communist Party for nuclear aid

Stuxnet, a malicious computer worm which was designed to sabotage the centrifuges of an Iranian uranium enrichment facility. A report stated that it it is reasonable to say that Stuxnet destroyed up to 1000 centrifuges (10 percent) sometime between November 2009 and late January 2010.

There are 18 trafficking incidents involving HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium)

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There is plenty of russian enriched uranium out there on the black market to make a bomb.

A mere 1kg of high-enriched uranium when fissioned released as much explosive energy as 17,500,000kg of TNT

1000 to 3000 centrifuges operating constantly for one year might produce 1 lb of enriched uranium

The Iran nuclear deal includes not having uranium enriched past 3.67%, whereas weapons grade uranium is 90% enriched.

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