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Is is impossible to accurately measure the length of any coastline. The smaller the unit of measurement used, the longer the coast seems to be. This is called the Coastline Paradox and is a great example of fractal geometry.

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That, by law, the Metric System is the preferred measurement system in the United States.

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  1. "Butt" is a medieval unit of measurement for wine. A butt load of wine is 129 gallons.

  2. The unit of measurement, "smoot", which is named after an MIT prank on Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity pledge, Oliver Smoot, whose body was used to measure the Harvard Bridge in 1958. One smoot is 5 foot 7 inches and length of the Harvard Bridge is 364.4 smoots.

  3. British people tend to be “bi-measurement” the same way some people are bilingual. Both imperial and metric units factor into their lives.

  4. In Finland there's an old measurement unit called "poronkusema" which can be translated to "reindeer’s piss". It describes the distance a reindeer can travel without having to stop to pee which is around 7 - 7.5km. Also reindeer can't walk and pee at the same time.

  5. A butt load is an actual unit of measurement, equal to two hogsheads.

  6. Mathematicians have jokingly proposed a standard unit of measurement for beauty: the "millihelen." Inspired by Helen of Troy, a millihelen is defined as "the amount of beauty required to launch one ship."

  7. The United States military is testing - a laser cannon that can be directed by an Xbox controller, an electromagnetic rail gun that can be placed on future tanks, and a 'smart' sniper rifle that can measure variables like wind conditions.

  8. There is an old Finnish unit of measurement used by the Sami people called 'poronkusema' which translates to "a reindeer piss". It's the distance a reindeer can walk before needing to urinate.

  9. "rods" and "hogshead" are actual measurement units, and when Grandpa Simpson claims his car "gets forty rods to the hogshead, and that's the way I like it", he's boasting about getting just shy of 0.002 MPG.

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A “buttload” is an actual unit of measure equivalent to about 475 liters. A “butt” is an old name for a barrel used to store wine or rum

The Finnish language has a unit of measurement based on a reindeers urinary habits. Poronkusema - source

In 2009, speakers of Swabian German, a very distinct southern German dialect, voted Muggeseggele (="scrotum of a housefly") as the "Most beautiful Swabian word", well ahead of any other terms. It is used to describe very small units of measure. - source

America's First Shopping Mall is Now Stuffed With Micro Homes: Inspired by ship construction, each of the 38 rental units—which measure from 225 to 300 square feet—includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and built-in storage. - source

When referring to network bandwidth what is the basic unit of measurement?

Knots as a unit of measuring speed came ships throwing overboard a line with a board attached and counting how many knots passed through their fingers in 30 seconds.

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The abbreviation “lb” for pound comes from the ancient Roman unit of measure “libra pondo”, meaning “a pound by weight”, which is also why we ended up calling it a “pound”.

There are only 5 countries (the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Palau and the United States) in the world that use the Fahrenheit scale as the standard temperature measurement in everyday life.

Active Measures, a Soviet programme of political warfare used mainly to weaken the West by sowing discord amongst allies, fracture alliances in particular NATO and to tarnish the image of the United States in the eyes of the rest of the world.

A micromort is a unit of measurement used to measure the risk of activities. One micromort is equal to a one-in-a million chance of death. Living a normal life is about 22 micromorts a day.

A Cord is a unit of measure and the only legal unit for selling firewood in Georgia

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The Scoville scale for measuring the heat of peppers. The capsaicinoids are extracted and diluted until 3/5ths of expert tasters cannot taste the heat. The units refer to the number of drops of water used for dilution: 1 million means 1 drop of extract requires 1 million drops of water.

Pounds are abbreviated to "lbs" because it is derived from the ancient Roman unit of measure "libra pondo", meaning "a pound by weight". "Pounds" came from the "pondo" part while "lbs" is an abbreviation of the "libra" part.

Humans are closer to the size of the observable universe than they are to the smallest unit of measure (Planck length)

'one banana' is a legitimate measurement unit for radiation exposure

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There is a flying unit of the United States Air Force; The 53d Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (AFRC), also known by its nickname, Hurricane Hunters, that flies into tropical storms and hurricanes for the specific purpose of directly measuring weather data in and around those storms.

In refernece to a 'buttload' of something, a butt is an actual unit of measurement. It's equal to 108 gallons.

The official units of measure in the USA are metric units like meters & kilograms, & it has been like this since 1875 when the US signed the Convention of the Meter. This was reinforced by the 1975 Metric Conversion Law & a 1991 Presidential Executive Order.

The pound is a measure of weight, as opposed to the kilogram which is a measure of mass. In the United states, the actual measure for mass is the "slug", which is almost never used.

The "Batman" was an Ottoman Unit of Measure. One Batman was equivalent to about 7.5 pounds.

The smallest measurable unit for a computer mouse's movement is a "Mickey", equivalent to 1/200ths of an inch.

There is a unit of measurement defined as how long the average person's beard grows in a second straightfowardly named the beard-second

Through his work within the government, Lavoisier produced an early list of elements, as well as created the metric system as a means of standardizing units of measure.

The Global Peace Index (GPI) measures the relative position of nations' and regions' peacefulness. Top 10 in order: Iceland, NZ, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Czech, Slovenia, Canada, Switzerland, and Ireland & Japan (tied for #10). United States is 114 out of 163.

The number of elementary entities in any substance is known as its chemical amount, which makes the mole an easy to use unit of measurement for chemical amounts.

The joule is the unit used to measure thermal energy.

The abbreviation for pound (lb) comes from an ancient Roman unit of measurement called "libra pondo" (a pound by weight). "Libra" meant balance or scales, and is also why the symbol for the British pound (£) is a stylized L with a line through it.

Assload' and 'Buttload' are actual defined units of measure--the former being the maximum load of a donkey (about 8 bushels), the latter a large cask with a volume of 491 liters/108 Imperial gallons.

When humidity is measured as the amount of water vapor in a specific unit volume of air it is referred to as absolute humidity. When it is measured as moisture in the atmosphere to moisture the atmosphere can hold it is referred to as relative humidity.

The kilogram is the only unit of measurement that is still based in a physical object, a Platinum-Iridium cylinder.

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