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Howard Stern ran for Governor of New York in 1994 promising to limit road work to night hours. He eventually withdrew, but later that year, The Howard Stern Bill was signed into law which limited road construction in New York City and Long Island to night hours.

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About the Dunbar's number. It is a theoretical upper limit of the people one can maintain stable relationships with. Suggested between 100 and 250. So if a town's population is below the Dunbar's number, it is more likely to have harmony and peace that a larger town or city.

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  1. In 1970 Hunter S. Thompson ran for sheriff of Pitkin Cty., CO and lost. His "Freak Power" program included disarming policemen, renaming Aspen "Fat City", punishing dishonest drug dealers, harassing those committing "land-rape" and limiting hunting and fishing to residents.

  2. The majority of the Las Vegas Strip is not in Las Vegas but just outside city limits in Paradise, NV

  3. Chinese guide dog users are prohibited from using public transportation and refused service by most private taxis, restaurants and supermarkets. China’s disability law does not protect guide dog users from discrimination, and Beijing actually penalizes guide dog use within its city limits.

  4. Pittsburgh, PA, USA, due to being situated between three rivers, has the most bridges within city limits in the world, at 446

  5. More people are buried in Rochester, NY's Mount Hope Cemetery than are currently alive in the city limits (350,000 buried to 210,000 alive).

  6. The Diplomatic Immunity guy in Lethal Weapon 2 couldn't have DI. He'd have Consular Immunity, making him subject to search, arrest, detainment and prosecution. DI is limited to embassy workers, and embassies can only exist in a host country's capital city. Only a consulate can exist in LA.

  7. About the Anti-Bloomberg law, which prohibits any county or city in Mississippi from passing laws to restrain portion sizes. It was passed as a response to the Bloomberg law, which limited the size of soda to 16 ounces or less.

  8. Most of what people think as is Las Vegas, the Strip, is actually located outside of the Las Vegas city limits in the unincorporated town of Paradise.

  9. The city of Vancouver dropped the speed limit on Hastings St to 30km/h in order to protect drug addicts that can't tell the difference between the road and the sidewalk

  10. Zheleznogorsk, a limited-access Russian town originally built for producing weapons-grade plutonium, has a city flag which portrays a bear splitting an atom apart.

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Lord Buckethead is a UK politician whose manifesto includes but is not limited to banning proposals of turning the city of Birmingham into a Star Base until at least 2022.

In 1992, the city of Baltimore declared itself a nuclear free zone, banning the production of nuclear weapons, the transportation of nuclear materials, or the disposal of nuclear waste within city limits. - source

In 2009, the city of Austin fertilized the concert grounds of the Austin City Limits music festival prior to its start with "Dillo Dirt", a product of human feces and industrial waste, causing many attendees to develop skin ulcers and pinkeye. - source

A farmer hid the construction and existence of a 4-bedroom castle under a huge pile of hay bales for 6 years. When he thought he’d outlasted the statute of limitations, he unveiled it to the public, the city council found out, and immediately ordered its destruction.

The 10 smallest countries can fit within the city limits of Houston, Texas - source

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San Francisco passed an ordinance in 1912 that evicted all existing cemeteries from its city limits. Most of the interred were moved to cemeteries in a town called Colma, just south of SF. This lead to Colma having, by 2015, an estimated 1,500 residents and over 1.5 million deceased.

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Despite Aspen, Colorado's status as a major ski destination, it is illegal to throw snowballs at people within the city limits

Santa Monica, CA, has passed the world's first net zero construction ordinance. Beginning this year, all new single family homes built within city limits will be required to generate at least as much energy as they use.

Due to its close location to Mexico City and its small size, Morelos has benefited from infrastructure programs. Mexican Highway 95 runs from Mexico City to Acapulco, Guerrero going through Morelos in between. The highway is a limited access tollway through Morelos.

In the late 19th century Chicago’s Lincoln Park was a cemetery that was to be moved out of city limits. Over 20,000 corpses were moved, but nearly 12,000 are still unaccounted for in what was a Potter’s field. They are still there, under what is now baseball diamonds.

There are two cities whose city limits are completely surrounded by Detroit, except where they border each other.

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Tina Turner's album titled Nutbush City Limits was named after the town she was born in.

In Skamania, Washington anyone caught killing Bigfoot within city limits could face a year of jail time and/or a $1000 fine.

Seneca, Nebraska. A town of about 33 people that voted to become unincorporated following a dispute over an ordinance that prohibited the keeping of horses and other livestock within the city limits.

Pyongyang has a squad of 300 beautiful “Traffic Girls” to manage traffic in the city. Unlike their male counterparts who have no set age limit, they have a retirement age of 26. They are popular with tourists.

In 1995, a subway collision in New York City caused speed limits to be lowered, contributing to widespread train delays.

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Germantown was founded by German immigrants in the late seventeenth century. It is now part of the Philadelphia city limits.

In Montreal, Quebec there is a limit to how tall buildings can be. No building is allowed to obscure the view of Mount Royal, the city's central green space, except antennas and communication towers

The northern city of Arkhangelsk was the chief seaport of Russia until 1703. Peter realized that Arkhangelsk would always be limited as a port due to the five months of ice cover, and after a successful campaign against Swedish armies in the Baltic area, he founded St. Petersburg

The city of Loma Linda, CA, home to a large Seventh-Day Adventist population, received their mail on Sundays instead of Saturdays up until April 2011. They also have extensive vegetarian menus at fast food restaurants in its city limits.

In December 1986, at least three people were killed by government forces and hundreds wounded following a protest in Kazakhstan's capital, Alma-Ata. It was the first major incident under Gorbachev's term and the city was off-limits to the world for two months afterwards

Scottsdale is the only suburb in Phoenix, Arizona, without a QuikTrip. A city ordinance regulates the design and build of gas and service stations within city limits, and neither Scottsdale nor QuikTrip will give in to each other.

Train robberies still occur in the 21st century; the Conrail Boyz of NJ would hop on & steal electronics off trains running at reduced speeds in city limits

In June 2015 Chairman Xi gave his go to build out the area around Beijing to build a megalopolis 6 times as big as New York with around 130 million citizens in an effort to offset the city’s strict residency limits and to combined the strengh of the 2 citys Beijing and Tjianjin.

The city of Hillsborough, California has no apartments, townhomes, or condominiums. Also, there are no businesses within city limits.

Detroit used to have pop. Of 2.3 million, and you could fit Boston, San Francisco, and Manhatten inside the city limits. (Currently there's less than 800k and the city went bankrupt)

The city limits of Juneau, the capital of Alaska, have a greater area than Delaware and Rhode Island

If the entire population of the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we could all fit within the city limits of Los Angeles.

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