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As their senior prank, a group of 90 students walked (between two buildings) across the same street continuously for 15 minutes, using an underground tunnel that connected the two buildings. They continue long enough to cause a traffic jam, and the line of cars extended far down the road.

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There are 30 kilometres of tunnel underneath downtown Toronto, connecting shops, subway stations and restaurants so people do not need to go outside into the heat and snow

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  1. Winnipeg has a Skywalk System, a network of pedestrian skyways and tunnels connecting a significant portion of downtown. It provides year-round climate-controlled access to over 200 shops, 700 apartment units, 2 hotels, and 11 financial centres

  2. At just over 35 miles in length, the recently completed Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland is now the world's longest. Requiring 17 years to build, it contains 84 times the concrete in the Empire State Building and is approx 4 miles longer than the Eurotunnel (connecting the UK to France).

  3. There is a large underground tunnel system connecting over twenty buildings in Houston. In the tunnels there is everything from food courts to dry cleaners.

  4. There are plans to build a tunnel between Spain and Morocco, connecting Africa to Europe.

  5. Between 2180 and 2160 BC a tunnel was built under the Euphrates River to connect the two halves of Babylon. It was the biggest underwater tunnel until one was built beneath the Thames in 1824.

  6. There are over 200 ancient underground cities in Turkey, some are big enough to hold 20,000 people. They have churches, ventilation shafts, and many are connected by tunnels.

  7. There are 7 miles of tunnels connecting 95 acres beneath downtown Houston, w/restaurants and shops so area workers need not go outside in the heat and rain

  8. There have been several plans to build tunnels across sections of Bohai Sea's strait to connect various cities but they have not begun.

  9. The tunnel connecting England and France under the English Channel is roughly a 35 minute trip. Approximately 50,000 people use it every day to cross.

  10. In 2000 the Oresund Bridge was opened, connecting both sides of the strait permanently. It originates in Copenhagen in Denmark and runs 5 miles to an artificial island that turns the bridge into an underwater tunnel that runs 2.5 miles to Malmo in Sweden. It is a double track railway and a motorway for transporting people back and forth between the two countries. There is a toll to use the bridge and tunnel.

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The Soviet Tu4 was a copied from the US B29 bomber to such detail that on the copied aircraft, in the tunnel connecting cockpit and rear of the bomber, two thirds was painted green, and one third in white. Because Boeing ran out of the green color when painting this particular specimen.

A train system was built that connects France and the UK via a tunnel called the Channel Tunnel. It was built as a high-speed passenger system.

The Øresund Bridge is both a bridge and a tunnel connecting Sweden and Denmark. About halfway along the bridge's span, it goes into a tunnel. This is so that the bridge won't be high enough to interfere with air traffic, but also won't interfere with shipping. - source

The city of Toronto has more than 30 kilometers of tunnels and walkways connecting nearly every office in the downtown area. This includes the largest underground shopping complex in the world.

Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Kirk Douglas, and James Caan had secret tunnels connecting their homes to the Playboy Mansion - source

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Secret tunnels connected the Playboy Mansion to homes of nearby celebrities

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In WWI a series of tunnels were dug under the French town of Arras connecting existing medieval passageways and creating underground space capable of holding 20,000 people. Complete with electricity, a railway and a hospital, these secret spaces were used to launch a surprise attack.

Due to settling and the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989 the sliding seismic joints of the Transbay Tube, the tunnel that connects Oakland and San Francisco, only have as little as 1.5 inches of allowable movement. At peak commute times the tunnel carries as many as 28,000 passengers per hour.

Sweden and Denmark are connected by the Øresund Bridge, a bridge and tunnel system spanning almost 8 miles that allows cars and trains to travel between Scandanavia and Central/Western Europe

Lalibela, Ethiopia is home to 11 monolithic churches carved out of mountains and connected by tunnels. The churches' roofs are at ground level to make them invisible to raiders from a distance.

25 years ago the Channel Tunnel linked for the first time, connecting the UK to Europe

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The construction of the Channel Tunnel, connecting the UK and France, cost the equivalent of £13 billion today, and was 80% over its predicted budget.

Jack Nicholson reportedly had direct access to the Playboy Mansion via an underground tunnel connected to his house.

The Sakhalin-Hokkaido Tunnel, a proposed tunnel that would connect the Russian island of Sakhalin to the Japanese island of Hokkaido. This, along with a bridge connecting the Russian mainland to Sakhalin, would link the Japanese and European rail networks.

Trash cans at Disney World are all directly connected to underground tunnels. All the trash travels through vacuum tunnels below the park and is taken care of there in order to avoid empying them in public view.

A Harvard physicist has shown that wormholes can exist: tunnels in curved space-time, connecting two distant places, through which travel is possible

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