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In 859 a man named Basil arrived in Constantinople penniless. Within 8 years, he had begun an affair with the Byzantine Emperor Michael III, had married the emperor's mistress, and had been crowned co-emperor. In 867 Basil murdered Michael in his bedchambers after first cutting off his hands.

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After winning the battle of Kleidion in 1014, the Byzantine Emperor Basil II took an estimated 14,000-15,000 prisoners, and punished them by sorting them into groups of a 100, then blinded 99 men in each one and left a single man in each with one eye so that he could lead the others home.

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  1. Following a decisive battle, Byzantine Emperor Basil II ordered the blinding of 15,000 Bulgarian captives, while leaving 150 only partially blinded so they could guide the others to Tsar Samuil. On seeing this, the Tsar died of a stroke.

  2. Byzantine Emperor Basil II once divided his 15,000 prisoners into groups of 100 men, blinded 99 men in each group and left one man in each with one eye so that he could lead the others home

  3. Emperor Basil II was named "the Bulgar-slayer" after capturing 15000 prisoners and blinding 99 of every 100 men, leaving one one-eyed man in each cohort to lead the rest back. Their leader, Samuel, was physically struck down by the sight and died 2 days later, on 6/10/1014 (1000 years ago)

  4. In 1014 AD Byzantine Emperor Basil II the "Bulgar-Slayer" had 15,000 Bulgarian captives blinded. But he left one in every 100 with one eye so they could lead the rest back to Bulgaria.

  5. Eastern Roman Emperor Basil I sent an insulting letter to Holy Roman Emperor Louis II, telling him Franks could not be Roman emperors and should not style themselves such. Louis sent a letter in response, and it reveals two competing notions of ethnicity and Roman identity

  6. Basil I, emperor of Byzantium. Born a simple peasant in Macedonia, he rose to the Imperial court and usurped the throne from Michael III. His dynasties reign is concidered the most prospeous and glorious for Byznatium.

  7. After Emperor Basil II defeated the Bulgarians he took 15.000 captives, spread them into groups of 100 and blinded 99 out of every group, leaving a man in each group with one eye so he would lead the rest back to Bulgaria

  8. Byzantine emperor Basil I died by a fever after having his belt caught by the antlers of a deer while hunting and being dragged 16 miles as a result. The emperor was eventually cut down by an attendant, but had him executed after believing the knife he took out was for assassination.

  9. In 1400 Byzantine Emperor Basil II captured the main Bulgarian Army of around 14,000 men. Instead of killing them he had almost all of them blinded, but left one in every one hundred men with a good eye to serve as the guides.

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