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"Complex PTSD". Typical PTSD happens after a single incident like a car crash, but C-PTSD results from prolonged trauma, like childhood abuse or neglect. It's harder to spot & to treat. Victims have issues with trust, boundaries, and sense of self... and they often get revictimized.

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Tucked in the middle of Los Angeles, is a small bird sanctuary called Serenity Park. It's a place where abused birds and combat vets bond and heal. The theory is that, through their shared trauma, they connect on an emotional, almost spiritual, level. They've had much success in treating PTSD.

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  1. PTSD can be treated with MDMA (aka Ecstasy, Molly, Mandy). In one study that combined therapy with MDMA, 83% of participants with treatment-resistant PTSD walked away without any symptoms.

  2. Virtual reality has been in use since 1994 to help individuals struggling with PTSD and depression... these early systems combined VR technology and exposure therapy to treat various behavioral and psychological issues

  3. Ibogaine - the substance is banned in some countries; in other countries it is used by proponents of psychedelic therapy to treat addiction to methadone, heroin, ethanol, cocaine, methamphetamine, anabolic steroids, and other drugs. Ibogaine is also used to treat depression and PTSD.

  4. Researchers are using MDMA assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD

  5. After the banning of research on psychedelics in the 70s Canadian researchers have started testing the benifits of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy to treat PTSD with a 83% cure rate. This is the first pychedelic research since 1972.

  6. Psychedelic drugs are making a comeback in medicine. Recent studies suggest LSD reduces anxiety, shrooms fight alcohol addictions and MDMA helps treat PTSD.

  7. War veterans are using MMA to treat their PTSD

  8. This Veteran Is Using Magic Mushrooms to Treat His PTSD

  9. A boy who was kidnapped and tortured and suffered from PTSD was successfully treated with dolphin therapy

  10. Modded VR version of videogame titled "Full Spectrum Warrior" was used to treat effects of PTSD on US soldiers who fought in Iraq

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Scientists are resarching MDMA as a way to treat PTSD

Psilocybin may help treat neurological disorders like PTSD and Depression - source

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