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Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' became the first movie ever to be shot in both 35 MM film and HD simultaneously

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To promote “The Room”, Tommy Wiseau personally spent $5,000 a month on a highway billboard advert for 5 years. This is in spite of the fact that the film only played for 2 weeks in the summer of 2003. Wiseau kept promoting it for years after it closed.

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  1. The character of Mark in Tommy Wiseau's movie The Room is named after Matt Damon. Despite being a huge fan of Damon, Wiseau couldn't remember his actual name.

  2. In the original script for 'The Room' there was a subplot which would reveal that Tommy Wiseau's character Johnny was in fact a vampire.

  3. There is a theory that Tommy Wiseau, director of "The Room" is actually D.B. Cooper, a plane hijacker who escaped in the 70's. This is due to Tommy's shady past, which he has often covered up.

  4. In his infamous movie, The Room, Tommy Wiseau originally wanted there to be a plotline in which it is revealed that Johnny is a vampire. This would include a scene where Johnny's car would start to fly from the rooftop into the night sky.

  5. Tommy Wiseau named the Mark character in The Room after Matt Damon. He didn't know Matt Damon's first name wasn't Mark.

  6. Tommy Wiseau used a 35mm film camera and an HD video camera side-by-side when shooting The Room because he didn't know which format was best and couldn't choose one.

  7. Tommy Wiseau is a wanted alien criminal in the Marvel Universe

  8. Mark in 'The Room' was named after Tommy Wiseau's favorite actor; Matt Damon.

  9. Tommy Wiseau (The Room) had an unusually intense obsession with actor James Dean, and that a lot of the lines in The Room were basically ripped directly from Rebel Without a Cause, including the infamous 'You're tearing me apart!' line.

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Tommy wiseau used to have a show called the tommy wi-show where he got abducted by aliens and was forced to play through videogames

Tommy Wiseau creator of The Room, believed that his cult classic lowered America's crime rate. - source

Tommy Wiseau, paid $5,000 a month for 5 years to keep a billboard advertising his movie The Room - source

Tommy Wiseau partially funded The Room by importing leather jackets from Korea

You're tearing me apart Lisa!' from The Room was inspired by James Dean's line in Rebel's without a cause - Tommy Wiseau was a massive fan of James Dean - source

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Not much is known about The Room's Tommy Wiseau. His age is a mystery, he came from France "a long time ago", and Wiseau might not even be his actual last name.

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Tommy Wiseau sent a copy of 'The Room' to Paramount Pictures to gain wide distribution, they denied it within 24 hours (the typical response time being two weeks).

James Franco will be portraying Tommy Wiseau in the biographical movie "The Masterpiece." It will be about the creation of cult film "The Room," and also star Dave Franco and Seth Rogan.

The post-credits cameo, by Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist, was a stipulation from Wiseau himself.

Tommy Wiseau used a 35mm film camera and an HD video camera side-by-side when shooting his cult hit "The Room" because he didn't know which format was best and couldn't choose one.

Tommy Wiseau of "The Room" fame declared that he'd be willing to direct the sequel to the 2015 Fantastic 4 movie.

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Tommy Wiseau of "The Room" got his SAG card through a loophole with this, his own commercial--copying Greg Sestero's sizzle reel produced by the Puppet Master Retro crew.

Tommy Wiseau has a gaming channel on youtube where aliens force him to play videogames

Tommy Wiseau of "The Room" fame hosted a gaming segment on Machinima for awhile

None of the actors for Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" got to see the script until 15 years later, Philip Haldiman (Denny) being the first to finally see it. (Video segment starts at 5:40)

Tommy Wiseau, creator of cult classic “The Room” (2003), starred in a Machinima original web series titled “The Tommy Wi-Show” (2011), in which he is abducted by aliens and forced to play a variety of video games, including Darksouls, and Mortal Kombat.

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Tommy Wiseau has released “The Room” in its entirety to his YouTube channel.

Tommy Wiseau used to host a gaming channel on YouTube, called "The Tommy Wi-Show".

The emphatic 'You're Tearing Me Apart!" was a famous line from James Dean's 1950s *Rebel Without A Cause* before it was associated with Tommy Wiseau's *The Room*

James Franco directed his film "The Disaster Artist" in character as Tommy Wiseau.

Tommy Wiseau, star of cult classic “ The Room” starred in a machinima series titled “The Tommy Wi-Show” (2011) in which he is abducted by aliens and forced to play video games.

Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero are going to be starring in another film together since The Room called Best F(r)iends. But this time the film was actually written by Sestero.

Nicolas Cage directed a movie called Sonny starring James Franco. It flopped, but Tommy Wiseau is a fan and Sonny is why he gave James Franco the rights to make the Disaster Artist

Tommy Wiseau, director and star of "The Room", has his own line of underwear.

Tommy Wiseau has his own internet show on video gaming, known as 'The Tommy Wi-show'.

Tommy Wiseau submitted ‘The Room’ to Paramount with the hope of getting it distributed. Usually it takes a studio roughly two weeks to reply, but the film was rejected within 24 hours.

Tommy Wiseau (actor, director, producer, and writer of The Room) is an alien criminal that the Guardians of the Galaxy pursued for years in the Marvel Comics Universe.

Samurai Cop 2 is premiering on Oct 9th and is among others starring Tommy Wiseau, creator of the Room.

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