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There is a zoo in Japan that has tiny holes in the otter enclosure allowing for people who visit the zoo to shake hands with the otters.

how to prevent tiny holes in shirts?

Tiny Hole in Airplane Windows is a safety feature called the breather hole is used to regulate the amount of pressure that passes between the window's inner and outer panes

What causes tiny holes in cotton t shirts?

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what tiny holes on an insect's body help it breathe?

  1. Those two tiny holes drilled in every BIC pen is to ensure that the air pressure is the same both inside and outside the pen- this helps the ink flow to the tip.

  2. The black hole electron theory - A theory suggesting that all electrons are actually tiny black holes.

  3. In 1898, Jim White saw bats flying into a tiny hole in the ground, so he crawled down in. The hole led to a cave so big that as he explored it's depths his lantern would burn out and he had to find his way back in pitch blackness by memory. It is now the national park known as Carlsbad Caverns.

  4. About 1% of the population is born with a tiny hole above their ear, a sinus thought to be an voluntionary remnant from fish gills.

  5. Slug is able to vertically flatten its body and elongate it 20 times, when it needs to enter tiny holes.

  6. Each raspberry consists of around 100 individual tiny fruits, called drupelets, filled with one seed. They are arranged in a shape of a helmet around centrally positioned small stem. When ripe raspberries are harvested from the plant, stem remains on the mother plant, leaving the hole in the middle of the fruit.

  7. Chinchillas are taking rest during the day, usually hidden in the crevices and tiny holes in the rocks. They can sleep in the upright position.

  8. Plane windows have a tiny hole in them to regulate air pressure

  9. There is a kind of flea which will eat its way into your flesh leaving just its behind poking out, and will drink your blood while respiring and defecating through the tiny surface hole out which its rear protrudes

  10. Cinema screens have lots of tiny holes in them to allow air to pass through due to the fact that differences in air pressure would cause the screen to throw the image out of focus as it moves around.

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What causes tiny holes in clothes?

Why do my shirts get tiny holes?

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Some people has tiny holes above their ears called a preauricular sinus

Airplane Windows Have Tiny Holes to allow pressure to equilibrate between the passenger cabin and the air gap between the window panes, so that the cabin pressure during flight is applied to only the outer pane of the window . - source

Female can lay up to 600 eggs in the slits and tiny holes on the twigs and branches on the tree. Eggs hatch after 6 weeks.

Ants do not have lungs. Oxygen enters through tiny holes all over the body and Carbon Dioxide leaves through the same holes. There are no blood vessels. The heart is a long tube that pumps colorless blood from the head back to the rear and then back up to the head again.

Between 8000 and 6000 BC, mental illness was treated using 'trephining,' where a tiny hole is sawed into the skull to release demonic spirits thought to be inhabiting the mind. - source

What is it called when you are scared of tiny holes?

Tears don't come out the pink, carunc lacrim, in the corner of the eye, but from two tiny holes on the underside of each eyelid, called the lacrimal punta

How to fix tiny holes in fabric?

Looking through several tiny holes (such as a screen) sharpens vision.

The tiny hole on airplane windows regulate pressure between the inner and outer window panes.

Insects 'breath' through tiny holes in their abdomen and rely on simple gas diffusion for gas exchange.

A small percent of the population have a tiny hole above their ear, likely an evolutionary remnant of fish gills (I'm not alone!)

How John Burton came up with the idea to burn a tiny hole in floppy disks to fight piracy

Tiny holes in hands when wet?

New toilets in Polish trains use low pressure to take all stuff from toilet bowl through tiny hole in the bottom. That helps to suck stuff + shinny coating.

You can use your fingers to make a tiny hole to see through instead of using glasses

People squeeze into tiny holes to gain access to beautiful crystalline caves.

There is a kind of flea which will eat its way into your flesh leaving just its behind poking out, and will drink your blood while respiring and defecating through the tiny surface hole that its rear protrudes through

Tiny holes located in the bottom eyelids near the bridge of the nose, called punctum (puncta), are responsible from draining excess tears down to our nose. Hence, we have a runny nose when we cry.

How to repair tiny holes in t-shirts?

The introduction of large numbers of tiny ice crystals into the cloud layer could set a domino effect of fusion which creates a "could hole" aka a Cavum.

Altocumulus starts with tiny unfrozen water droplets in these clouds because they lack the core of nucleation, particles around which water drops to be able to crystallize and water droplets quickly disappear into domino effect in all directions and in the cloud create a hole.

After 3-hole punching a piece of paper the tiny pieces of paper that are punched out are called "chad" (and evidently not called "holes").

Lego figurines have tiny holes in their heads so kids can still breathe if they accidently swallow them.

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