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The main function of the little hole in the pen cap is to prevent deaths by suffocation in case someone swallows the pen cap by mistake; saving hundreds of lives a year.

how to reuse pen caps?

Bic pen caps have a hole to reduce the risk of suffocation if accidentally inhaled.

Why pen caps have a small hole at the top?

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why do pen caps have a hole at the top?

  1. Pen caps have holes in them to prevent suffocation if swallowed

  2. BIC pens have holes in the cap to minimize the risk of children accidentally inhaling pen caps.

  3. The hole in a pen cap is to reduce the risk of choking on the cap

  4. The little holes on top of pens caps were created so pen chewers won't choke.

  5. The reason Bic pen caps have a hole in the top is to prevent them from completely obstructing someone's airway if accidentally swallowed.

  6. The small hole in the cap of Bic pens is to reduce the risk of suffocation should the cap become lodged in one's throat.

  7. The holes on a Bic pen cap are there to prevent the cap from completely obstructing the airway if accidently inhaled.

  8. Why pen's cap has hole?? Watch this video till end.

  9. BIC pens designed a hole in their cap, that if swallowed, air would still be able to pass through.

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What are the holes in pen caps for?

Why pen caps have holes in them?

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Cap of BIC Cristal pen has a hole in it, which is designed to reduce the risk of suffocation if the cap is inhaled. It saves hundreds of lives yearly. - source

The little indented hole in the cap of Bic Pens is there for good reason -- it allows air in if you swallow the cap and start to choke - source

The Reason For Hole In Pen Caps Is To Save Lives Of People Who Swallowed Pen Caps

What to do when you lose a pen cap?

Pen caps have holes so that air can pass through even if they're accidentally swallowed; thus preventing choking

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