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Teen idol Fabian was "discovered" by a record producer as his dad was being carried away in an ambulance after a heart attack. Fabian said "I looked at the guy like he was out of his mind. I told him, 'leave me alone. I'm worried about my dad'," but he later signed with him.

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There's a Japanese teen idol group that focuses on heavy metal AND pop music at the same time.

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  1. The Magic School Bus borrowed elements from a show featuring then-teen idol Rick Springfield which was spun off from The Brady Kids cartoon series

  2. While Depeche Mode appealed to an alternative audience in the U.S. in the mid-80s, in Europe they were considered teen idols

  3. A 25-minute film was made showing the behind-the-scenes life of a 1950s teen idol and superstar Paul Anka, demonstrating an early example of fan hysteria

  4. The musician Prince idolized Joni Mitchell from a young age. Joni herself recalls seeing a big-eyed teen sitting up front at a concert - collar up. His fan mail, adorned with "U’s and hearts", was largely skirted aside as that of the "lunatic fringe" and discarded before it could be received.

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