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Rick James ("Superfreak") was in a band with Neil Young, Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield) and Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf) before having to serve a year in prison because he was actually AWOL from the navy

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Neil Young, before joining Buffalo Springfield and launching his famous solo career, he was the guitarist in an early band with Rick James (Super Freak) called the Mynah Birds.

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  1. The Magic School Bus borrowed elements from a show featuring then-teen idol Rick Springfield which was spun off from The Brady Kids cartoon series

  2. Rick Springfield first considered "I wish that I had Gary's Girl" before settling on "Jessie's Girl" from a t-shirt he had with LA Rams, Ron Jessie on it

  3. Rick Springfield has a massive Star Wars collection

  4. Rick Springfield has a MASSIVE Star Wars Collection - So I made a parody about it.

  5. The director David Fincher also directed music videos for Madonna (Express Yourself and Vogue), Justin Timberlake and Jayz (Suit and Tie), and many more including Paula Abdul and Rick Springfield

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