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A Tiger shark that was donated to an Aquarium in 1935. Days later the shark regurgitated the arm of a missing man who was identified by his distinctive tattoos. (Yes, Australia)

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The numerical tattoo inked on the arms of Auschwitz prisoners was originally an IBM identification number used to track that prisoner in the punch card system.

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  1. King George V of England visited Japan at the age of 16 in 1881 and got a blue and red dragon tattooed on his arm.

  2. Steve Blum, voice actor most know for Spike Spiegel of Cowboy Bebop, has the sound wave of his character's final word "Bang" tattooed on his arm.

  3. During World War II, members of the SS would have their blood type letters tattooed on their arm. Following the war, these tattoos helped identify former members, leading to their prosecution and in some cases their execution.

  4. Clyde had "USN" tattooed on his arm because he wanted to join the US Navy. He was rejected for medical reasons and didn"t take it very well.

  5. King Edward VII got a tattoo of the Jerusalem Cross on his arm when he visited Jerusalem for the first time as a young Prince.

  6. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has a tattoo saying "Ma' Kin", which he got because he had a lot of confidence in the song "Mama Kin" while writing it. He claims that his arm was too thin for the whole title.

  7. King George V had a tattoo on his arm of a red and blue dragon.

  8. During a trip to Japan in 1891, Nicholas II of Russia had dragon tattooed on his right arm. It took over 7 hours. He did this because he was a fan of "Madame Butterfly."

  9. In the early years of the cold war, schools in an Indiana county tattooed children's blood type under their armpits - rather than on their arms which could be blown off in an explosion!

  10. Mike Tyson has a tattoo of Mao Ze Dong on his arm

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Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. Roger's did NOT have tattoos all over his arms. I'd been told back in the 90s that this was why he consistantly wore long sleeves on the show.

American soldiers are not allowed to have face, neck, or hand tattoos, except one ring tattoo per hand. There are no limits on the size or number of tattoos on their arms & legs; previously soldiers were limited to four tattoos below the elbow or knee, none bigger than the wearer's hand. - source

There is no perfect crime. In 1935, a victim's tattooed arm regurgitated by tiger shark solved a crime - source

Mark Wahlberg had a tattoo of his initials, last name and own birthday tattooed on his whole upper right arm

When Craig Ferguson became a US citizen in 2008, he got a Join or Die tattoo on his arm in celebration. - source

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In 1891, during the future Tsar Nicholas II’s trip to Japan, he showed great interest in Japanese traditional crafts, and as result got a traditional dragon tattoo on his right arm.

José Luis de Jesús Miranda, a preacher from Puerto Rico, claims that he is the re-incarnation of Christ. He also has a criminal record, history of heroin abuse and a "666" tattoo on his arm.

On Always Sunny, Charlie Day writes "bad new" on his arm for EVERY episode as a throwback to season 2 when his character gets an unfinished prison tattoo saying "bad news". Just in case it happens to be visible.

On Always Sunny, Charlie Day writes "bad new" on his arm for EVERY episode as a throwback to season 2 when his character gets an unfinished prison tattoo saying "bad news". Just in case it happens to be visible. (Pic in comments)

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