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During WWII, Stigler a German pilot with 22 victories, spotted a badly damaged American B-17 Bomber. He noticed that the tail gunner was dead and they posed no threat. Instead of shooting it down, he escorted it to safety. 40 years later, the pilots reunited and became buddies.

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Nicholas Alkemade, a RAF tail gunner for a Lancaster that fell 18,000ft (5,500m) without a parachute and survived unharmed.

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  1. Joseph McCarthy, the man behind "McCarthyism" who targeted supposed communists and homosexuals, during the 1950s,called himself "Tail-Gunner Joe" and used the campaign slogan "Congress needs a tail-gunner"

  2. S/Sgt Roy Urich, a B-17 tail gunner who was blown out of his plane by flak. Falling, clutching his seat, he ended up surviving.

  3. Sgt. George Buske, a WWII tail gunner of a B17F (303rd bomb group (H), Jersey Bounce), who was mortally wounded several times which later became severely infected, only to make a full recovery over 6 months later

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