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Mortadella was banned from import to the US from 1967 until 2000 because of an outbreak of swine fever

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The Creole pig of Haiti was deliberately exterminated in the 1980s to stop an outbreak of African swine fever. Peasants were provided with imported pigs from the U.S. as compensation, but this caused many of them to lose money as the American pigs were much more expensive to maintain.

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  1. In the early 80s, the US, Canada, and Mexico compelled Haiti to eradicate its pig population. This was meant to prevent the spread of African Swine Fever, but it devastated Haitian peasant wealth.

  2. China has an ongoing swine fever disease which is probably being covered up. Pork production and fodder consumption are down 20-50%. China has the world’s largest pork production.

  3. The global supply of heparin, a widely used anticoagulant derived from pig intestines, is in danger of a deficit due to the recent African swine fever killing almost 40% of China's pigs.

  4. The popular Italian cold cut, Mortadella, was banned from import into the United States from 1967 to 2000 due to an outbreak of African swine fever in Italy

  5. More than a quarter of the world's pigs have been wiped out because of African swine fever

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