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The Suriname toad births fully developed baby toads from her back

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The eggs of the Common Suriname Toad are embedded into the back of the female, forming a honeycomb-like mosaic of pockets in which they mature and emerge as tiny, fully developed toads.

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  1. Surinam Toads hatch eggs from holes on their back.

  2. The Suriname Toad, whose young are embedded in the mother’s back as eggs and hatch by wriggling free of her flesh when they’re mature

  3. The Common Surinam Toad exists; a toad that hatches its tadpoles out of pockets of skin on its back that hold its eggs.

  4. The female Surinam Toad gives birth through several holes in her back

  5. Surinam toads reproduce by releasing eggs which get embedded on the female's back. After implantation, the eggs sink into the skin and form pockets over a period of several days. The larvae develop inside these pockets, eventually emerging from the mother's back as fully developed toads.

  6. The Suriname sea toad gives birth through its skin

  7. Surinam Toads grow inside holes in the back of their mother, and emerge from those holes as fully-formed toads, not tadpoles.

  8. There is a type of toad called a Suriname toad that reproduces by developing the eggs in little pockets on the mothers back until they become tadpoles.

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