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In 1976, a mule named Lord Fauntleroy beat 200 horses in the 3,500-mile Great American Horse Race. Along the way, Norton, the mule’s rider, would often stop to help other riders, beat everyone by 10 hours, and retired with the $25,000 prize while calling himself the “Great American Horseman.”

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In 1946, a black WWII veteran was taking a bus home in uniform, and asked the driver to stop for a bathroom break. The driver called the police, and the local chief of police arrested the man, beat him, and gouged out his eyes with a nightstick. The officer was acquitted by an all-white jury.

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  1. The very first attempted assassination of a United States president was stopped when then President, Andrew Jackson, beat his assailant brutally with a his cane before being stopped by a nearby congressmen.

  2. 52 days before his death Elvis Presley while stopped at a red light saw two men beating a teenager lying on the ground and quickly got out of his car and into a karate pose and said "I'll take you two on" The fight stopped instantly and the stunned men shook his hand.

  3. In 1995 Jesus Dennis was held underwater by his stepdad until he stopped breathing and his heart stopped beating when he was a toddler. Because the water was cold, however, Jesus was completely rejuvenated hours later without brain damage and behaved as a normal child afterwards.

  4. Police stopped Rodney King on the 20th anniversary of his beating and cited him with driving with an expired license

  5. After we die and our heart stops beating and our body moving our brain still works and we may even be conscious enough to hear our own death announced by doctors.

  6. When a patient is zapped with a defibrillator, their heart stops beating altogether - the two electric paddles attached to the patient's chest essentially 'reset' the heartbeat. Once the heartbeat stops, the heart starts afresh and begins beating normally again.

  7. Baseball Hall of Famer Ty Cobb once jumped into the stands to beat a heckler who had no hands. When onlookers asked for Cobb to stop because of the fan's disability Cobb replied "I don't care if he has no feet," while continuing the assault.

  8. In the Olympic Rowing quarter final, Bobby Pearce was easily beating French opponent Saurin when a family of ducks strayed into his lane. Pearce momentarily stopped rowing to let the ducks pass; he still won with the fastest time of all 8 competitors in that round.

  9. About the Wood Frog. These frogs have adapted to cold climates by freezing over the winter. During this time, they stop breathing and their hearts stop beating. Their bodies produce a special antifreeze substance that prevents ice from freezing within their cells

  10. NHL player Rick Peverley collapsed on the bench and his heart stopped beating for 2 minutes till it was restarted with a defibrillator. When he woke up the first thing he asked was "Can I go back in the game."

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Cardiac defibrillators don't restart a stopped heart. They actually stop a heart with an irregular beat so that it can restart itself with a more natural rhythm.

In 2006, 3 years after it stopped flying commercially the Concorde won a competition as the British publics favourite British design beating such contenders as : The Jaguar E-Type, the Verdana font, The London Underground map and the mini skirt. - source

Rodney King was drunk (assumed on drugs), ran from the cops, resisted arrest, was tazed, then actively tried to fight the cops who were restraining him, was finally knocked down, they stopped hitting him, then he attempted to get up again and then they beat him. - source

61 year old Cliff Young ran a 544 mile marathon from Sydney to Melbourne in 5 days without stopping. He beat every runner and set a new world record.

During a coup d'état A.N.R.Robinson, Trinidad and Tobagos Prime Minister was held hostage for days. When instructed to order the army to stop firing where they were held hostage, Robinson instead instructed them to "attack with full force," which earned him a beating. He was also shot in his leg - source

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Eazy-E believed Officer Theodore J. Briseno was innocent, and tried to stop the other 3 cops from beating Rodney King

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Rana sylvatica, an arctic wood frog that freezes to death every winter. It stops breathing, its heart stops beating, but it comes back to life when it thaws out each spring.

An Octopus' (main) heart stops beating while swimming.

PornHub begged users to stop uploading video clips of Brazil getting beat by tweeting "Please stop uploading the game highlights to Pornhub... Our public humiliation category is full."

The Sukhoi P-42 (designed to beat time-to-altitude records of the Streak Eagle) had to be chained to a tractor to stop premature takeoff

In 1896, the Toyoda power loom, Japan's first power loom built of steel and wood was perfected. The shedding, picking and beat-up motions were all steam-powered. It was also equipped with the weft auto-stop mechanism.

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The world record for non-stop pushups is set by Minoru Yoshida of Japan in 1980, beating the previous holder by almost 3000 pushups. Guinness stopped accepting any more such records since then.

Surgeons in Australia, in October 2014 performed a heart transplant using a 'dead heart' (heart that had stopped beating). Donor hearts usually come from people who are confirmed as brain dead but with a heart still beating.

A sailboat holds the record for the fastest non-stop circumnavigation, beating a motorboat by more than two weeks.

AEDs aren't used to to shock flatlined hearts (which have stopped beating) back into rhythm, but to shock hearts with irregular rhythm into stopping (like a hard reset)

The reason we say "Bless You" when someone sneezes is not expressly religious. Rather people were superstitious and thought that a sneeze had to do to evil spirits or that the heart stops beating when a person sneezes. When they said "Bless You" they were offering it as a good luck charm.

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Indian police are beating people they catch outside to stop them from spreading coronavirus or getting it. There are 500 cases of COVID-19 in India, and even worse 15,262 cases of swollen bums.

Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke once noticed a fan having a seizure during a concert, stopping the performance so venue security could deal with the fan. They then promptly started the song where they left off without missing a beat.

An outbreak of mass hysteria in a French convent caused all the nuns in a convent to spend hours every day mewoing together until the nearby village called in soldiers who threatened to beat them unless they stopped.

A certain species of frog in Alaska freezes in the winter and while frozen, it stops breathing, its heart stops beating, its blood stops flowing, and it cannot move. Amazingly, when spring arrives, its body thaws and the frog returns to normal life.

A defibrillator is not used to revive someone after their heart stops beating. It is instead used to stop an irregular heartbeat. Meaning most movie scenes where someone is revived using a defibrillator, are completely inaccurate.

A 1500's Japanese battle was won when the losing side tricked its opponents by beating on a war drum with their city gates open to look like they were winning. The winning side stopped to regroup and the losing side sent ninjas at night to finish their opponents off and win the battle.

The guy who beat, drugged, and kidnapped his wife to stop her from telling reporters about Nixon's crimes was appointed by Donald Trump as the US Ambassador to the Czechoslovakia

In 1991 Donald Trump stopped a violent mugger beating a man with a bat. After Trump yelled at him, the mugger recognized Trump and said:'Mr. Trump, I didn't do anything wrong.' Trump said, 'How could you not do anything wrong when you're whacking a guy with a bat?' Then the mugger ran away.

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