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After a Monty Python fan found out that a member of the group was a homosexual, she sent them a letter quoting a biblical passage that said homosexual should be stoned to death. To this, Eric Idol replied "We've found out who he was and we've taken him out and had him shot!"

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Stephen Hawking’s ashes are buried beneath a memorial stone inscribed with his equation for the Hawking temperature of black holes. To commemorate his death, Hawking’s own words were beamed towards the nearest known black hole to Earth, about 3,500 light years away, by the European Space Agency

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  1. February 31st is occasionally used on grave stones when the exact date of birth or death was unknown.

  2. George Lucas was one of the camera operators at the Rolling Stones' Altamont concert where a fan was stabbed to death

  3. The Beverly Hills Hotel & Hotel Bel-Air as well as a number of high end luxury hotels are owned by sultan Hassanal Bolkiah whose country will start stoning alleged gay people and adulterers to death in a week.

  4. There are six Islamic countries where a judge can sentence you to be stoned to death.

  5. While 83% of Pakistanis support the stoning to death of adulterers, only 78% support the death penalty for leaving Islam

  6. About the origin of the term “decimation”. It was a punishment in the Roman Army where soldiers were spilt into groups of 10, straws were drawn and whoever drew the short straw was clubbed, stabbed or stoned to death by the remaining 9. The first recorded instance of this is from 478 BC.

  7. Moctezuma II, ruler of the Aztecs, was stoned to death by his people after a speech during which he asked them to surrender to the Spanish conquistadors.

  8. In 1450, a pack of wolves invaded Paris and killed 40 people. The killing ended when a group of people banded together and stoned and speared the wolves to death in front of Notre Dame Cathedral

  9. In 1974, Deborah Stone, an 18 year old Disneyland ride operator was crushed to death between a stationary wall and rotating wall on the newly opened America Sings ride. Her screams were thought to be part of the ride, and before anyone discovered her, she was already dead.

  10. In 1969, "Rolling Stones" organized a free concert at Altamont Speedway, and hired The Hells Angels as security, in an exchange for 500$ and a free beer. During the concert, 18 years old Meredith Hunter pulled out a gun, and was stabbed to death by a member of The Hells Angels.

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One of the most famous stories about Jesus, in which he saves an adulterous woman from being stoned to death, was not in the original Biblical manuscripts and was only added centuries later.

In the Christian Church, December 26th is also the Feast of St. Stephen. This day commemorates St. Stephen for his work in the church, mostly caring for the poor and for widows. He was eventually stoned to death by an angry mob. He is remembered for begging God not to punish his killers as he was being stoned to death.

Nigeria is one of the most homophobic countries. The maximum punishment for same-sex sexual activities in the predominately Muslim north is death by stoning, while in the Christian south it is 14 years in prison. - source

About The Stone-child of Sens - a fetus which remained unborn, calcified in its mother's womb and stayed there for 28 years until her death.

In 2012, 14 Iraqi youths were stoned to death for dressing "Emo". - source

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At least 14 youths were stoned to death in Baghdad, apparently as part of a Shi'ite militant campaign against Western-style "emo" fashion.

Rolling Stones' "licking" logo was based on the trademark posture of Kali, an Indian goddess of death

Mystery behind the Sailing stones at Death Valley National Park - When ice sheets that form after rare overnight rains melt in the rising sun, making the hard ground muddy and slick. Wind pushes the floating ice against the boulder. The ice acts as a sail over making the rock slowly slide.

In 2012, Iraq militia stoned 14 youths to death for wearing 'emo' clothing

According to the Book of Numbers, God once ordered a man to be stoned to death because he was gathering wood during the Sabbath.

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Odysseus planned to get out of the Trojan War by pretending to be insane. After Palamedes exposed his plot, Odysseus tricked the Greek army into stoning Palamedes to death.

The Odessa Catacombs, Ukraine. A network of tunnels under the city of Odessa that was originally used in the 16th century for stone mining, and later on smuggling. It is famous for the accidental death of a girl who's body was not found for several years.

A number of Roman emperors died violent deaths, including stoning, multiple beheadings, and being forced to swallow molten gold.

When Sylvester Stallone was filming a nude shower scene with Sharon Stone for 1994's "The Specialist," she was hesitant to do the scene. Stallone claims he then "brought back a bottle of Black Death vodka that was given to me by Michael Douglas and after half-a-dozen shots we were wet and wild."

An 800 year-old Spanish monastery was bought my William Randolph Hearst, taken apart stone by stone, and rebuilt in Miami the year after Hearst's death.

Two armed robbers were stoned to death by angry South African school students

James ("brother of Jesus") was thrown off the pinnacle of a temple after declaring that Jesus was at the right hand of the Great Power, then stoned, and finally bludgeoned to death with a staff

In 1872, a pallbearer, Henry Taylor, was crushed to death under a coffin at a funeral. It was midway through the ceremony when he tripped on a stone and stumbled while carrying the coffin, the other bearers let go, and the coffin fell on him.

Old school boxing involved spiked boots, stones in hand, biting, scratching, gouging, kicking, unlimited rounds, no breaks etc etc. Oh and death.

Those suspected of being a witch had to prove their innocence, often by being drowned or stoned to death. If they died they were innocent. In many cases they were burned at a stake.

BDK, a violent religious sect in the DRC. In a 2008 clash with the military, the BDK fought with stones, nuts, and sticks, believing they would magically transform into grenades and swords. They didn't transform, and 100 were shot to death with AK 47s and machine guns.

Scientists have figured out how the Stones in CA's Death Valley "move on their own" and leave trails

During WWI, anti-German hysteria was so bad, dachshunds (a German breed) were reputedly stoned to death in the streets

Malaria is responsible for half of all human deaths since the Stone Age

The Rolling Stones hired "Hell's Angels" motorcycle gang for security at their concert, which resulted in a stabbing, multiple deaths, and many injuries.

Persons found guilty of homosexual sex and adultery in the small southeast Asian kingdom of Brunei will be stoned to death under a law that goes into effect next week

A Brazilian referee was stoned to death and dismembered after he fatally stabbed a football player

In Death Valley there's a place called Racetrack Playa where rocks called Sailing Stones move across the ground without human or animal intervention. This is caused by ice forming and melting and shoving the rocks along!

tonsil stones can cause very bad breath. Tonsil stones are the small white hard objects that we spit out sometimes and which smell like death.

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