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On 31 March 1970, a group of left-wing extremists from the Japanese Red Army Faction hijacked a plane with samurai swords and demanded to be taken to North Korea.

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Stieg Larsson (author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) did not marry his partner Eva to keep his personal records private as he was reporting on extremist groups in Sweden.

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  1. In a Pew Research Survey 57% of Muslims in prison were considered religious extremists, the highest of all the groups in the survey. Only 6% of Hindus were considered religious extremists, the lowest.

  2. There is an extinct part of Islam call the "Khawarij". They are the first group to exhibit extremist tendencies and the first to split away from mainstream Islam.

  3. Somalia's islamic extremist group al-shabaab has banned samosas because their three sides may remind people of the Christian Holy Trinity.

  4. The German town of Wunsiedel managed to turn an annual neo-Nazi demonstration march into a charity walkaton fundraiser with proceeds benefiting EXIT Deutschland- a nonprofit that helps people escape extremist groups

  5. Menachem Begin, the leader of the extremist Jewish militant group Irgun (responsible for breaking into prisons, kidnapping/hanging soldiers, and bombings, namely, at the King David Hotel). Years later, Begin was voted the 6th Prime Minister of Israel and won the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize.

  6. Islamist extremists suicide attacks used to involve highly trained swordsmen who would draw their swords and then "rush into the group swinging [their] sword, killing and maiming as many victims as possible in the time [they] had left."

  7. In 2014, a group of Far-Right Extremists were chased through London by women dressed as badgers

  8. Kremlin advisor Aleksandr Dugin's 1997 book "Foundations of Geopolitics", where he called for the UK leaving Europe, supporting extremist, racist, and sectarian groups to destabilize the US, annexing Ukraine, promoting US isolationism, and Russia allying with Iran.

  9. Prophet Muhammad,pbuh, already predicted the coming of ISIS and other extremist groups.

  10. John Lennon beat his wives, emotionally abused his sons and funded violent extremist groups such as the Black Panthers.

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The Sicarii, an extremist group of Jewish Zealots in the the first century, would stab Romans at public gatherings and commit atrocities to force a war between Rome and the Jews with the goal of liberating Judah from the Roman occupiers.

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