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Robert Plant once donated $10,000 to KBOO, a non-profit community radio station in Portland Oregon, to never play "Stairway to Heaven" ever again.

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Jimmy Page considers Stairway to Heaven a masterpiece. Robert Plant does not share his fondness. Plant has referred to it as a "wedding song" and insists that his favourite Led Zeppelin song is "Kashmir."

Why is stairway to heaven banned at guitar stores?

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why is stairway to heaven forbidden at guitar stores?

  1. The Wayne's World famous 'NO Stairway to Heaven' scene came to be because Led Zeppelin denied the rights to the song, so Myers just said to the camera 'No Stairway, Denied!' after just a couple of notes.

  2. Led Zeppelin was sued by the band Spirit for stealing the famous intro to "Stairway to Heaven" from its song "Taurus"

  3. Led Zeppelin's song 'Stairway to Heaven', released 44 years, has logged an estimated 2.8 million radio plays on US radio since its release, which, played back to back, would also equal roughly 44 years.

  4. The Stairway in Heaven joke in Wayne's World made no sense in the television version because the iconic riff was replaced with generic guitar following a rights dispute.

  5. Robert Plant donated money to a radio station that promised to never play "Stairway to Heaven" again

  6. The Hospital Broadcasting Association, which takes song requests from hospital patients. Their list of banned songs include Stairway To Heaven, The Final Countdown and I Want To Live.

  7. Robert Plant once donated $10k to a radio station promising never to play Stairway to Heaven. When asked why, he said it wasn't that he didn't like the song, but he'd heard it before.

  8. Led Zeppelin's legendary Stairway To Heaven was booed during its first ever performance in 1971

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Robert Plant wanted to erase his ad-lib from Stairway to Heaven, where he asks, "Does anybody remember laughter?"

Stairway to Heaven was only made available as a single in 2007, 36 years after original release, through digital downloads. It still managed to reach the Norway and Portugal Top 10, New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland Top 20 and Ireland and UK Top 40 just through digital downloads. - source

"Stairway to Heaven" was played live for the first time this day in 1971 in Ulster Hall, Belfast, Ireland - source

Led Zeppelin first performed Stairway to Heaven live in Ulster Hall, Belfast 1971. Tickets went for as little as $2

"Stairway to Heaven" was probably influenced by a song written in 1659. - source

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If you play “Stairway to Heaven” backwards it reveals some satanic lyrics

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In Led Zepplin's Stairway to Heaven, she's "buying" a stairway to heaven, not climbing

The song Stairway to Heaven stole a lot from an earlier song

Led Zeppelin may not have written "Stairway to Heaven." A serious lawsuit is well underway.

Jimmy Page is accused of plagiarizing Spirit's "Taurus" when he wrote the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" because of similar chord-changes, and that Zep indeed opened for Spirit on a 1968 tour, 2 years before the release of "Stairway".

In summer 2016, Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page and Robert Plant appeared for a jury civil trial over similarities in 1971's "Stairway To Heaven" to a 1967 prog rock song by Spirit called "Taurus", brought by their estate. Led Zeppelin was found not liable.

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Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven is the most frequently covered song from those released after 1970, with around 254 covers.

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