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German luxury brand, Hugo Boss AG, in 1934-1935 advertised itself as the, "supplier of national socialist uniforms" In 1946, its founder, Hugo Boss, was fined 70k and stripped of his voting rights for being a beneficiary of Nazism.

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Hugo Boss founded his company in 1924, ten years later advertising that he had been a "supplier for National Socialist uniforms since 1924", eventually used POW's and forced laborers for mass production.

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  1. That, contrary to popular belief, the black uniforms of the SS were not designed by Hugo Boss, but merely produced by his company.

  2. Designers such as Vittorio Ricci, Gianni Versace, and Hugo Boss were consulted in keeping the male leads looking trendy for the TV show Miami Vice

  3. Fashion designer Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and his company produced the all black SS uniform and black-and-brown uniform of the Hitler Youth

  4. Hugo Boss designed the SS outfit worn by the Nazis in WW2.

  5. Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazi SS and Hitler Youth.

  6. Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi party and designed the SS uniform

  7. Hugo Boss designed the Nazi army and Schutzstaffel units uniforms, and Henry Ford was the first foreigner to be decorated by the Nazi party for his donations and support to Nazis before and during the WWII.

  8. A popular misconception is that Hugo Boss designed SS uniforms, but they were strictly manufacturers, not designers. Hugo Boss was only one of 15,000 companies involved in Nazi uniform contracts during WWII.

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Hugo Boss made the Nazi's uniforms in World War 2

Hugo Boss designed the uniforms for the Nazi party, the SS and was a party member himself - source

Russell Brand was kicked out of the GQ Awards for embarrassing Hugo Boss after recieving an award. - source

Nazi uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss supplied nazi Germany with uniforms.

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Hugo Boss was the supplier of Nazi uniforms

During World War II Hugo Boss using forced labourers, mostly women supplied the Nazis with uniforms.

Many companies we know use today, worked with the Nazi Party, starting with and not limited to, Volkswagen, Hugo Boss, IBM, Coca-Cola, BMW, Ford, Siemens, Kodek and so on.

Before Hugo Boss became known for classic men's suits and flashy ties, the clothing manufacturer made uniforms for the Nazis,

HUGO BOSS designed nazi uniforms for Hitler, but the company later apologized for their using forced slave 2011.

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Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and sponsored Hitlers secret service, the Schutzstaffel.

Hugo Boss designed and used slave labour to produce the SS and Hitler Jugend uniforms.

Hugo Boss manufactured uniforms for the Nazis using slave labor

Hugo Boss designed the uniforms that the Nazis wore

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Lacoste and Hugo Boss are owned by Procter & Gamble; Ralph Lauren, Armani and Diesel by Nestlé

Hugo Boss made uniforms for the Nazis during WW2 using slave labour from the prison camps.

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