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In non-English speaking countries, Dora the Explorer teaches you... English!

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USA is the only English speaking country that pronounces Z as zee instead of zed

What are the 21 spanish speaking countries?

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  1. America is the only country to pronounce Z as Zee, the rest of the english speaking countries say Zed

  2. Israel's Law of Return. It dictates that any Jewish person, no matter their country of origin, what language they speak, or how much money they have, can be granted Israeli citizenship they day they arrive in Israel.

  3. The "Pirate speak" from movies and books was an actual distinct dialect of English which was spoken until the 19th century in the west country. It became associated with pirates due to the strong seafaring tradition from the area.

  4. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country on the planet. If you take any two people there, there is a 99.0% chance they will speak different native languages

  5. Paraguay is the only country in the Americas where more people speak a native language than a colonial one (90% Guarani vs 87% Spanish)

  6. Deaf people who speak ASL (🇺🇸 Sign Language) are unable to understand those who speak BANZSL (🇬🇧 + 🇦🇺 + 🇳🇿). There is only a 31% overlap between the two languages, meaning that even though their respective countries speak English, their deaf communities are unable to communicate.

  7. The Danish Language is so difficult to learn, that Danish children take longer to learn to speak than children from other countries.

  8. Some IKEA products have had to be renamed in English speaking countries, due to its original Swedish names having weird and unfortunate connotations. Examples of these include Jerker desk, Faktum kitchen legs, and Fartfull workbench.

  9. In 1932 a riot invaded Newfoundland's government building. The prime minister barely escaped injury and resigned. In 1933 the country—like Canada, an independent English-speaking country neighboring the US—gave up self-government and voluntarily became a British colony again.

  10. In the Swiss boarding school Institut Le Rosey, a quota system limits students of any one country or linguistic region (e.g. English-speaking countries, German-speaking countries) to 10% of the school’s total population, which results in the 450 students coming from over 70 countries

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speaking countries fact data chart about Evolution of the Democracy Index in German-speaking countrie
Evolution of the Democracy Index in German-speaking countries since 1800

speaking countries fact data chart about Percentage of people who speak English by country
Percentage of people who speak English by country

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The tradition of opening gifts on Christmas morning is nearly exclusive to English-speaking countries. In most European and Latin American countries, it is done on Christmas Eve.

The corrupt, Spanish-speaking fictional country of Val Verde which has been featured in a number of films including Commando, the Die Hard series and Predator - indicating that they all take place in the same universe. - source

French is widely spoken in Africa and that the largest French speaking population is not France, but the Democratic Republic of Congo. A total of about 120 million people from 24 different countries in Africa speak French 🤯. That’s almost 40% of all French speakers. - source

An American woman who was put under anesthesia for dental surgery, woke up to speaking with a permanent European accent. She's never traveled to Europe or lived in a foreign country.

Spanish is the official language. Some residents of Ecuador also speak Quechua and other Amerindian native languages.

When do spanish speaking countries celebrate christmas?

The main language spoken in Sweden is Swedish, with small minorities speaking Sami and Finnish.

How many french speaking countries are there?

Approximately 90% of Haitians speak Creole, but it wasn"t until 1987 that Creole was named an official language. The other official language in Haiti is French.

In English-speaking countries, people don't celebrate name days

Dale Carnegie founded a course in 1912 that became the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations. Since its creation it expanded to more than 90 countries around the world.

Before returning to Vietnam from Europe in 1941, he changed his name to Ho Chi Minh. Following east Asian naming protocol, "Ho" was a common family name in Vietnam, like 'smith" or "Jones" in English speaking countries. The "Minh" part of his name was the Vietnamese word for "bright," which was also the name of the Vietnamese independence movement, Viet Minh.

Within the next fifty years it is believed that half of all Americans will be able to speak Spanish.

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speaking countries fact infographic about Speaking the national language at home is less common in som

Speaking the national language at home is less common in some European countries

When is easter in spanish speaking countries?

Botswana's official language is English. The national language is Setswana and most commonly spoken language in Botswana, but most can speak English.

The national anthem of Kosovo has no lyrics - the Albanian-speaking government decided not to risk offending Serbs who live in the country by having lyrics in Albanian.

Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

The official language in Honduras is Spanish, with many speaking English especially in business. There are also a variety of native dialects spoken in Honduras.

Peru's official language is Spanish but many Peruvians also speak Quechua (Inca language) and Aymara. It is also believed that Natives east of the Andes Mountains speak up to an additional 13 languages.

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That,despite being colonised by Japan, Taiwan is by far the most pro-Japanese country on earth, with many people proud of once how Japan helped build up the country, with many looking back fondly on the era of the Empire (and many older Taiwanese still even speak Japanese, too)!

More people are native Spanish speaking than native English speaking.

Brazil has over 3.000.000 native German speakers, second highest in the world (outside of German-speaking countries) after the USA.

About Interslavic (Medžuslovjansky) which is a language that was created to be understood by people from all Slavic speaking countries. There is even a movie where it is the only language present!

In German speaking countries, the statement "she carried out her duties to our satisfaction" in a reference letter is a euphemism for "weak performance".

Most US Police dogs speak Dutch or German. These dogs receive their initial training in foreign countries, so U.S. handlers often continue to command them in German or Dutch.

Nigeria is the fourth largest English speaking country, behind the US, India and Pakistan

Ovaltine is originally called Ovomaltine, but is sold under the name Ovaltine in English-speaking countries because a typo was made in the trademark registration application

The Mistsubishi Pajero was renamed in most of the Americas and spanish speaking countries because pajero is a spanish slang for wanker.

In Spanish speaking countries, Dora the Explorer teaches children phrases in English

The Doctor Dolittle series is set in the 1840s Victoria England era. Doctor Dolittle's character was a doctor in West Country's Puddleby-on-the-Marsh. Doctor Dolittle's amazing ability was that he could speak to animals.

Outside of English-speaking countries Tarot Cards are used for regular card games no different then a regular deck of cards.

Despite the oft published story of how the Chevy Nova sold poorly in Spanish-speaking countries due to its name (nova meaning "doesn't go" in Spanish), the story is false and sales of the car actually exceeded GM's projections.

Elevense are a real thing in the UK and are usually tea and biscuits. It's called konkelstik in the Netherlands, la once in Spanish speaking countries, and dekatiano in Greece. And in the US in the 19th century, elevenses consisted of drinking whiskey.

In Spanish speaking South America countries, Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales is called Rico McPato and his nephews Hugo, Paco, and Luis.

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