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The spine is supported by ligaments and muscles which also help to provide balance.

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Without muscles, the human body could not move on its own. The bones require the movement of other systems to control and support them.

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  1. The skeletal muscles, which are the ones that can be controlled by conscious thought, work with the skeleton, or the bones, to move the body. They attach to the skeleton with tendons, which are cords of tough tissue.

  2. Of the intracellular magnesium, twenty percent of that amount is found in the skeletal muscle cells alone.

  3. Skeletal muscles are also sometimes called striated muscle - this name comes from the light and dark parts of the muscle fibers making them look striped (striated means striped).

  4. The Skeletal-Muscle Pump, a collection of skeletal muscles that aid the circulatory system in pumping blood back to the heart, therefore acting as a second heart.

  5. Resistance exercise reverses aging in human skeletal muscle. PubMed Study

  6. Haff disease is the development of rhabdomyolysis (swelling and breakdown of skeletal muscle, with a risk of acute kidney failure) within 24 hours of ingesting fish. The exact nature of the poison is still unclear. It cannot be inactivated by cooking.

  7. CGI artist created a skeletal and muscle system for Gollum in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

  8. There is a muscle relaxant used for treating the pain associated with acute muscle skeletal conditions. The drug is called Skelaxin.

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