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Triboulet, jester of Francis I, saved his life thanks to his vivaciousness. After making fun of a king's mistress, he was sentenced to death and had to choose the way he would die. Sharp minded, he asked to die of old age, leaving the King voiceless his sentence was commuted to banishment.

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King Gustav III of Sweden commuted the death sentences of a set of twins to life imprisonment if one drank 3 pots of coffee and the other drank 3 pots of tea to test the effects of the newly introduced coffee.

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  1. King Gustav III of Sweden, in an experiment, commuted the death sentences of a pair of twins on the condition that one drank 3 pots of coffee, and the other tea, every day for the rest of their lives

  2. When a plane crashed on Rikers Island in 1957, prisoners were released from the prison building to help pull people from the wreckage. Some had their sentences commuted or reduced for acts of heroism during the incident.

  3. In 1966, Kenneth McDuff murdered three people and was sentenced to death. His sentence was later commuted to life, and he was paroled in 1989. He went on to murder at least four more people, was caught in 1992, once again sentenced to death, and executed in 1998.

  4. The last Incan emperor was captured by the Spanish and sentenced to execution by burning. A Spanish priest told him that if he converted to Catholicism his sentence would be commuted. He converted so instead the Spanish strangled him to death.

  5. David Williams, convicted of killing a sheriff's deputy, spent his time in the prison's machine shop working on new types of automatic rifles. He was so successful his sentence was commuted so he could help develop weapons for the US military.

  6. In 1915, after the Governor of Georgia commuted the death sentence of a Jew because of insufficient evidence, a mob kidnapped the prisoner and lynched him. The mob, who also drove the Governor out of the state, included clergymen, two former judges, and an ex-sheriff.

  7. David Allan Coe was incarcerated in the Ohio State Penitentiary, killed another inmate, was sentenced to death, had his sentence commuted to life in prison, got released on parole by turning himself around with music, then went on to become one of the originators of outlaw country.

  8. In 1989, convicted murderer Michael Godwin, previously on death row for murder but with sentence commuted to life imprisonment, died when he bit into headphone wires that were connected to his television while he sat on a steel toilet - he accidentally created his own electric chair.

  9. The Colosseum has become a symbol against capital punishment. The death penalty was abolished in Italy in 1948. Today, any time anyone in the world has their sentence of death commuted (overturned) or they are released, the lights in the night time illumination of the Colosseum change from white to gold. This color change also occurs whenever a jurisdiction abolishes the death penalty as well.

  10. The 1st woman to be elected to the UK parliament, Constance Markievicz, did so after being sentenced to death, but the punishment was commuted because of her gender. Her response was, "I do wish your lot had the decency to shoot me"

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6 foreign health workers were sentenced to death in Libya, with charges of deliberately infecting hundreds of children with HIV, despite scientists showing it resulted from poor hygiene and reuse of syringes. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment followed by extradition to Bulgaria

Robert Page Anderson shot a jewelry clerk in the back and subsequently fought the police in a four hour gun battle with over 1000 rounds of ammunition used, inspiring the creation of the San Diego SWAT Team. Sentenced to death, Anderson was commuted and granted parole after serving 11 years. - source

Charles Manson's death sentence was commuted when California invalidated all death sentences that were handed down before 1972.

Writer Fyodor Dostoevsky was sentenced to death for conspiracy in 1849, but his sentence was commuted as he was standing in front of the firing squad. Instead, he was exiled to Siberia for four years and had to spend another six in the army.

John Mullowney aka Sean na Sagart, a convicted horse thief, had his death sentence commuted by a grand jury and was appointed as a serial killer of Catholic priests aka Priest Hunter around 1709. - source

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Patty Hearst is the only US citizen to have their sentence commuted by one President and later recieve a full pardon by another

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In 1917, producer Robert Goldstein was arrested under the Espionage Act and later charged with making a motion picture (The Spirit of '76) that portrayed Britain, America’s ally, in an unfavorable light. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison (later commuted to three years) and fined $5,000.

Since 1945, 2,405 Federal prisoners have had their sentences commuted by Presidential order. 1,715 of those sentences were commuted by a single president.

The 'last person sentenced to death' in Australia occurred as recently as 1984 (later commuted to life imprisonment)

President Eisenhower was forwarded a final review for a death sentence. He exercised his right of executive clemency and commuted the death sentence to the first ever “life without the possibility of parole”. The case was brought to the Supreme Court and upheld.

Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong's widow, soon after his death was tried and sentenced to death as a member of the "Gang of Four". Her sentence was commuted to a life sentence but eventually she committed suicide.

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During WWII, the US government gave famed gangster and "Father of the Mob" Charles "Lucky" Luciano a commutation on a 50 year prison sentence. In trade, Luciano aided the government with securing the New York and New Jersey ports from German/Italian infiltration.

In 1803 a man survived execution by hanging 3 consecutive times on the same day. The people involved believed it to be a sign from God and his sentence was commuted to life in prison.

In 1950, two men attempted to kill President Truman. Secret Service agents killed one gunman and injured the second. When the surviving gunman was sentenced to death, President Truman commuted his sentence to life imprisonment. Later, President Carter commuted his sentence to time served.

One of the last acts of governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was to commute the manslaughter sentence of Esteban Núñez without informing the victims family, as a personal favour to Esteban's father, a close friend and political supporter.

Minutes before ending his two terms as governor, Schwarzenegger issued his final act: Commuting the sentence of Esteban Nunez the murdering son of one of Arnold's friend.

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Jacques Cousteau's brother was sentenced to death for collaborating with the Germans during WW2, though the sentence was later commuted.

On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, which is a Puerto Rican paramilitary organization that set off 120 bombs in the United States, mostly in New York City and Chicago.

The Colosseum changes its night lighting from white to gold when a death sentence has been commuted or when death penalty has been abolished – from anywhere in the world. It’s a gesture against the death penalty, which Italy abolished in 1948.

President Nixon commuted the sentence of 2nd LT William Calley after Calley personally killed 22 people in Vietnam, including a toddler running away. The original conviction was life of hard labor, but became just two years of house arrest.

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