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The Spartan Pausanias was accused of treason for conspiring with the Persians, but seeked refuge in a temple so he couldn't be tried and executed while inside. His mother went to the temple to lay the first brick at the door, which was sealed until he died of starvation

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Saint Wilgefortis. She prayed to God to save her from an unwanted wedding by becoming ugly and God gave her a beard. Then she was crucified by her angered father. Now she is a patron of women seeking refuge from abusive attention.

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  1. In 1993 an American spelunker found evidence of people living in 2 Ukranian caves during WWII. It was 1942, when a group of families survived the Holocaust by seeking refuge in the caves. Nearly 2 years later, someone left a bottled message alerting all of them the area was safe from Nazis.

  2. During the Great Japan Earthquake-1923 nearly 44,000 were killed by a 300ft fire-tornado while seeking refuge near a river

  3. In 288 BC, a peaceful Greek settlement of Messina, Syracuse, allowed unemployed Italian mercenaries, Mamertines, to seek refuge in their borders. Later, much of the male population were massacred by the mercenaries, and the females taken as 'wives'. They later sparked the First Punic War.

  4. During the Spanish Inquisition the Ottoman Sultan sent his Navy to bring refuge seeking Jews to the Ottoman empire and he supportedly said, "those who say that Ferdinand and Isabella are wise are indeed fools; for he gives me, his enemy, his national treasure, the Jews."

  5. 'firenadoes' occur naturally and can be devastating. In 1923 after an earthquake and 40 ft tsunami, a firenado formed in Tokyo killing nearly 44,000 people seeking refuge near the Sumida River.

  6. About Melilla, an autonomous Spanish city located on the northern coast of Africa bordering Morocco. It is protected by one of the most protected borders to prevent the Africans from crossing the border and seeking refuge.

  7. Almost 100000 seeked refuge in Yemen in 2015, despite it being at war

  8. "McRefugees" a term coined to people seeking refuge on 24-hour operated restaurants. Recently, a McRefugee at McDonald’s in Hong Kong sat slumped over a table for 7 hours before anyone noticed that something was wrong — much less that she was dead.

  9. The 2004 tsunami caused the deadliest single train disaster ever. That morning, a coastline train travelling in Sri Lanka was swept away by the waves, killing 1,700 people. Unfortunately, local villagers seeked refuge on or behind the train thinking that it would withstand the waves.

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The Oregon Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation had its roots in an earlier action known as the "Sagebrush Rebellion", also seeking private control of Federal Lands

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