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Sam Houston, the general who led Texas to victory in its war for independence from Mexico & who served as its president during its 10 years of independence, was removed from office as Governor of Texas when it seceded in 1861, after refusing to take an oath of allegiance to the Confederacy.

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Sam Houston, the general who won Texas independence from Mexico, was removed from his post as Governor of Texas after refusing to support the Confederacy during the Civil War

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  1. Sam Houston is the only person to be elected governor of two different states (TN and TX).

  2. Samuel "Sam" Houston, First President and 7th Governor of Texas, was the only Governor of a Confederate State to Oppose Secession

  3. Sam Houston was removed as governor of Texas for refusing to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederate States of America.

  4. Sam Houston is the only person elected governor to two different U.S. states, Texas, and Tennessee.

  5. Sam Houston owned slaves but he did not support the idea of expanding slavery into the new territories. This placed him at odds with the southern states in the U.S.

  6. Sam Houston learned a lot about the Cherokee Indians" way of life when growing up as a teenager in Tennessee.

  7. Sam Houston's marriage to Eliza Allen ended in 1829 and soon after he resigned his position as Governor of Tennessee.

  8. General Santa Anna disguised himself as a common soldier after being cornered by Sam Houston. A search party went looking for him, he could of gotten away if it wasn't for soldiers calling him "El Presidente" and saluting to him while the search team was next to him.

  9. Sam Houston retired to Huntsville, Texas in 1861. He died there on July 26th, 1863.

  10. After securing independence for Texas in 1836, Sam Houston became the new country's president.

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The first governor and president of Texas was Sam Houston, who lived from 1793 to 1863.

Sam Houston left Tennessee and chose to return to his Cherokee lifestyle. In 1830 he married Tiana Rodgers, a Cherokee woman. Sam began to represent the Cherokee Indians and other Indian tribes in native affairs in Washington D.C.

Sam Houston's Indian name, given to him by the Cherokee Indians was "The Raven".

Sam Houston was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1827.

Sam Houston, as Governor of Texas in 1861, did not agree with the state becoming affiliated with the Confederacy, even though he did agree to the state leaving the Union. A convention was held and he was removed from his post.

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In 1836 the city of Houston was named after Sam Houston.

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Sam Houston served in the War of 1812 and earned the attention of then General Andrew Jackson (who later became President of the United States).

Sam Houston has been the only person to be governor of two states, as well as the head of state of a foreign country.

Sam Houston ran away from home as a teenager when he became unhappy working for his brother. He lived with the Cherokee on Hiwassee Island for approximately three years.

Sam Houston moved to Texas in 1832, which was a Mexican Territory. He began to lead a group of Texan army men and his military skills helped Texas secure its independence.

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Sam Houston served two terms representing Tennessee's 7th District.

The Alamo was fought over slavery. Texas settlers wanted to keep slaves after Vicente Guerrero, the black president of Mexico, fought for and abolished slavery. But Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston hatched a plan to take Texas from Mexico to create a slave state.

In 1840 Sam Houston married a third time, to Margaret Lea. They had eight children together.

Sam Houston took Andrew Jackson's advice and entered politics following the war.

In 1846 Texas joined the United States and Sam Houston became a U.S. Senator, serving until 1860.

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Sam Houston once beat a Senator outside the Capitol Building. President Polk worked to get his judgement down to only $500, but Houston left the U.S. for Mexico without paying the fee

There are 140 Axis POW graves in Fort Sam Houston Cemetery, two of which have Iron Cross's with swastikas inscribed in them

A young Andrew Jackson Houston, son of Texas Governor Sam Houston, once locked the Texas Senate in its second floor chambers.

Sam Houston stood trial for beating a congressman with a walking stick during a scuffle, and his attorney was Francis Scott Key--writer of The Star Spangled Banner.

Sam Houston was the governor of Tennessee, the President of Republic of Texas and the Governor of Texas.

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