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Jose Salvador Alvarenga, who survived 14 months lost at sea was sued for $1 million by the family of his crewmate, who accuse him of eating their relative in order to survive.

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In November 2012, Salvador Alvarenga went fishing off the coast of Mexico. Two days later, a storm hit and he made a desperate SOS. It was the last anyone heard from him – for 438 days

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  1. Fisherman Jose Salvador Alvarenga spent 438 days alone on a boat adrift at Sea

  2. José Salvador Alvarenga is the first person in recorded history to have survived lost at sea for more than a year, having spent 13 months adrift in a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean. He survived on a diet of raw fish, turtles, small birds, sharks, and rainwater. Caught with his bare hands!

  3. A Mexican man named Jose Salvador Alvarenga survived being lost at Pacific for 438 days. He sailed all the way from Mexican Coast to Ebon Atoll (A small island near Philippine). Roughly 11,000 km. He survived by eating fishes and by drinking Sea turtle's blood, and sometimes his own urine.

  4. Residents of the island of Eneaitok communicated with Spanish learned from Tv show Dora the explorer when they found real castaway Jose Salvador Alvarenga.

  5. José Salvador Alvarenga holds the record at surviving for 14 months at sea living off birds, turtles, fish and rain water.

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