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Poon Lim survived 133 days adrift in the Pacific ocean on a 8' square wooden raft. When rescued he was told no one had ever survived longer on a raft at sea, he simply replied "I hope no one will ever have to break that record."

The longest anyone has ever survived in a shipwrecked raft was 133 days by a Chinese man named Poon Lim. He survived the ordeal by fishing, drinking bird blood, and killing a shark with a jug of water. He died exactly 23 years ago at the age of 72.

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  1. Poon Kim holds the record for surviving adrift in a life raft at 133 days in 1942-43. When told no one had ever survived longer on a raft at sea, he replied, "I hope no one will ever have to break that record."

  2. Poon Lim, a chinese sailor who survived for 133 days alone in the South Atlantic, using methods such as capturing a shark and drinking the blood from it's liver to survive.

  3. Lake whitefish spawn in the shallow water with rocky, gravely or sandy bottom. Fertilized eggs settle in between the crevices of rocks where they remain safe until the spring. Eggs hatch after incubation of around 133 days.

  4. Phineas and Ferb has 133 episodes, when they only say they have “104 days of summer vacation”

  5. Poon Lim, the second steward of a torpedoed British Merchant ship, survived 133 days on a wooden raft that drifted in the South Atlantic. At one point, he survived by clubbing a shark to death with a jug half-filled with seawater.

  6. Poon Lim survived at sea for 133 days by fishing and killing birds. When the blood attracted sharks, scaring away the fish, he killed the sharks with a jug of water and ate and drank their blood.

  7. Every day, 133 square miles of aluminum foil is used to wrap more than 20 million Hershey Kisses. And almost all of that is thrown away, even though it’s recyclable.

  8. A man was the only survivor when his ship was sunk, and then spent 133 days drifting on a wooden raft.

  9. A Chef lost 21 stones [294 lbs. / 133 kg] in just 12 months after a friend texted him ‘fat f***’ every day for six weeks.

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Poon Lim who was found on a small boat stranded for 133 days breaking the record for a lone human

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