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In the movie Noah's Ark, filmed in 1928, the flood scene at the movie's climax was created by actually dumping 600,000 gallons of water onto the set. Three extras drowned and many suffered broken bones. This led to the introduction of safety regulations for movie stunts in 1929.

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There is an FAA regulation called the 'Sterile Cockpit Rule', requiring flight crews to only discuss topics pertinent to the safety and operation of the flight below 10,000 feet.

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  1. The granite used to build the US Capitol is so radioactive that the building would fail federal safety codes regulating nuclear power plants.

  2. Canada still exports mass amounts of Asbestos to developing countries with no safety regulations, and prevents safety regulations being put into place

  3. Tiny Hole in Airplane Windows is a safety feature called the breather hole is used to regulate the amount of pressure that passes between the window's inner and outer panes

  4. A way to go on strike without leaving work. In "work-to-rule", employees do the minimum possible required of them, and precisely follow all safety and other regulations. Examples: Refusing overtime, nurses not answering phones, police not issuing citations, taking every legally entitled break

  5. The Railroad Commission of Texas regulates the oil and gas industry, pipeline safety, the coal and mining industry, but NOT railroads.

  6. The FDA doesn't effectively regulate supplements, vitamins or herbal medicine and most who get inspected fail quality and safety guidelines, many of which contain chemicals and unlisted allergens.

  7. The Titanic gave rise to a "lifeboats-for-all" movement among marine safety officials and Congress passed a bill requiring lifeboats to accommodate 75% of a vessel's passengers. This regulation was one of the factors that led to the sinking of the Eastland, which killed 844 people.

  8. In 1982 the European Community passed new industrial safety regulations and named it the Seveso Directive. The regulations were updated in 1996 and in 2008 and are now referred to as the Seveso II Directive.

  9. Over the years a number of cigarette lighters have had serious design flaws that led to spontaneous explosions, burn injuries and deaths – while still not being subjected to mandatory safety regulation.

  10. In Chicago in 1915, the SS Eastland sank in 20 feet of water, killing 844 people. The disaster was caused in part by safety regulations put in place after the sinking of the Titanic 3 years earlier.

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The FDA does not have safety regulations for sex toys as they classify them as novelties

Date labels on food in the US are inconsistently defined and regulated, expiration dates are often entirely arbitrary, and they were never created as a way to label food safety. - source

The US Capitol Building is 65 times more radioactive than US EPA safety standards, high enough to fail federal safety codes regulating nuclear power plants. - source

In the US, unlike pharmaceuticals or pesticides, industrial chemicals do not have to be tested before they are put on the market. Under the law regulating chemicals, producers are only rarely required to provide the federal government with the information necessary to assess safety.

Internationalized ECE auto safety regulations have also recently incorporated pedestrian-protection provisions restricting protuberances from car bodies, making it more difficult and expensive to design compliant pop-up headlamps. The last time they appeared on a volume-production car was 2004. - source

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UK plug sockets have shutters inside, to prevent people pushing non-plug things into them. However socket protectors are still sold in the UK, and could reduce the socket's safety: "Socket-outlets to BS 1363 are the safest in the world [...]. Socket protectors are not regulated for safety".

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The NCAA came into existence as a result of a meeting in 1906 when President Theodore Roosevelt urged colleges to discuss safety regulations following multiple deaths from the violent brand of football at the time.

Ayrton Senna is the last person to have died in F1 history. His death also brought on much needed higher safety regulations which have saved multiple racers to this day.

Airplanes still have ashtrays on them for safety reasons, and is part of the Code of Federal Regulations for airworthiness.

About the Peltzman Effect, that says when consequences for an action decreases, occurrence increases. This phenomenon can be seen with seat belts, football protection, birth control, or whenever safety regulations are required or an option.

Rock band Van Halen had a contract rider that demanded that no brown M&M's be found backstage at one of their concerts. This was in place to insure the venue properly read the contract and all of its safety regulations

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In 1993 Jack in the Box Was Responsible for an E. Coli Outbreak. 4 Children Died. Food Safety Regulations Were Overhauled. "Jack" Was Born As a Way to Reestablish the Public's Trust.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission "regulates" nuclear families

Porn actors in CA will be required to wear eye goggles while filming if proposed state safety regulations are passed later this year.

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