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When Robin Thicke was 11, he was being babysat by Wayne Gretzky while his father was on vacation. During that time, Gretzky learned he had been traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the LA Kings and abruptly had to leave, leaving Robin Thicke home alone.

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When Robin Thicke was 11, Wayne Gretzky was his babysitter and left Thicke alone at the house when he found out he was traded to the L.A. Kings.

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  1. When Christopher Reeve went to the hospital after his equine accident, a man dressed up as a German doctor with a thick accent insisted that he turn over for a proctology exam. Reeve was at first surprised until he finally realized it was his friend, Robin Williams, playing a joke.

  2. Wayne Gretzky was babysitting Robin Thicke when he learned that he was traded from Edmonton Oilers to LA Kings. Alan Thicke didn't find out that his son was home alone until he called the next morning and found out that Gretzky had to leave because he was traded.

  3. When Robin Thicke was accused of plaigarism over his hit song "Blurred Lines," his defense was that he was too high on drugs to help Pharrell compose it

  4. For a two year period in the mid/late 80's, Alan Thicke (father of Robin Thicke) was simultaneously playing the lead role in one sitcom (Growing Pains) while singing the intro song to a completely different sitcom (Diff'rent Strokes).

  5. Robin Thicke was babysat by Wayne Gretzky and answer the phone call when he was traded to LA.

  6. While Wayne Gretzky was babysitting Robin Thicke, he got a call that he had been traded to the LA Kings and suddenly had to leave. Robin Thicke's father didn't find out his son was home alone until he called home the next morning and Robin answered the phone.

  7. Alan Thicke (played the father in Growing Pains, irl father of Robin Thicke) composed the themes to Diff'rent Strokes and The Facts of Life

  8. American pop artist Robin Thicke's seventh studio album "Paula" suffered from abysmal sales. Only selling a collective total of 1,238 copies outside of the US in it's debut run.

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