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Ridley Scott tried to make Gladiator (2000) an authentic representation of Ancient Rome. An early script had Maximus doing a product endorsement for olive oil, which was historically accurate for famous gladiators to do, but the detail was left out in later scripts for being too unbelievable.

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Ridley Scott had plans to adapt the dystopian novel Brave New World into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Ridley Scott ultimately had trouble doing the book justice and stated, “I don’t know what to do with Brave New World. It’s tough….when you reanalyze it, maybe it should stay a book".

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  1. Gladiators carried out product endorsements in the arena. Ridley Scott left this tidbit out of the movie "Gladiator" for fear that this would seem anachronistic.

  2. For the movie "Alien," Ridley Scott lit the alien ship's egg chamber with blue laser lights that were borrowed from The Who. The band was testing out the lasers for their next tour in the sound stage next door.

  3. The guy who played the alien in Alien was a random person Ridley Scott found in a bar and has had no other roles

  4. Every director of the original 4 Alien movies went on to very successful careers. Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet all went on to produce many classic films.

  5. The movie Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott has seven different versions

  6. Ridley Scott considered a sequel to The Gladiator where Russell Crowe's character Maximus is reincarnated, returns to Rome to defend the Christians, is transported to other important periods (World War II, Vietnam War), and finally ends up as a general in the modern-day Pentagon.

  7. Director Ridley Scott went to see Star Wars. He was so amazed by it that the very next morning he began to plan what would become 'Alien'

  8. The alien in Ridley Scott's "Alien"s second jaw is based off of a real animal. The moray eel has a second jaw that comes out of it's throat to drag its prey into its stomach

  9. Tom Cruise starred in a Ridley Scott fantasy film called 'Legend' in 1985. Cruise is apparently so embarrassed by the film that he bans its mention from any career retrospective.

  10. In 1984, Ridley Scott directed what is considered the greatest Super Bowl ad of all time. Apple’s ad, with a female heroine, played on people’s fears by likening its rival, IBM, to an Orwellian Big Brother. Apple's new technology, they said, would be used for freedom not control

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In the late 60's David Bowie was in an Ice Cream commercial directed By Ridley Scott

The famous Hovis bread advert was directed by Sir Ridley Scott. - source

Bolaji Badejo, the performance artist that played the first Alien in the Ridley Scott movie of the same name, died of Sickle Cell Anemia at the age of 39 in 1992. - source

Ridley Scott was given the task of designing the Daleks for Doctor Who in the 1960's, but scheduling conflicts resulted in that being given to Raymond Cusick instead.

The Metroid universe was greatly influenced by Ridley Scott's Alien, which is why one of the main antagonists is named Ridley - source

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Since the 1980s it has been traditional to include a Muslim with Robin Hood's 'Merry Men'. There have only been two exceptions to this. The first for a BBC sitcom where he was replaced with a Rastafarian, and the other for a Ridley Scott movie, where he was almost included.

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In 1969, Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Jay Cocks met author Philip K. Dick to discuss adapting his novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” into a film, but they never optioned the novel, and the project fell through. Ridley Scott would, of course, turn it into “Blade Runner” in 1982.

Ridley Scott wanted H.R. Giger to design the chestburster from Alien to resemble grotesque creatures from Francis Bacon's famous painting "Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion". Scott called the distorted figures "three fleshy necks with the jaws on the end".

There was a proposed film adaptation of Monopoly, with Ridley Scott attached to direct

Ridley Scott dropped ‘Alien 3’ After Learning ‘Alien vs. Predator’ Was Developing

Ridley Scott's 1977 début movie; The Duellists was based on a true story. From 1794 the two French soldiers duelled at least 30 times over 19 years!

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In the Space Jockey scene in "Alien", Ridley Scott filmed his kids in tiny spacesuits so the set would look bigger.

Bolaji Badejo, the Nigerian born artist who played the Alien in Ridley Scott's Alien, was cast as the Alien after being randomly observed in a bar as an "impossibly tall and skinny" man; beloved by all he knew, he died In December 1992 from complications of sickle-cell anemia in Nigeria

Blade Runner director Ridley Scott says Deckard is actually a replicant himself (video in article)

Actor Veronica Cartwright was originally cast in Alien (1979) as the heroine, Ellen Ripley, but director Ridley Scott switched her role with Sigourney Weaver's just prior to shooting the film

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In the first Alien film, Ridley Scott Scott planned for the Alien to bite off Ripley's head and then make the final log entry in her voice.

The original "Doom" game was initially conceived as a movie license game based on Ridley Scott's "Aliens"

Due to the investors insisting Blade Runner "have uplifting ending, where they will go off into the wilderness together.' Ridley Scott acquired outakes from The Shinning off Stanley Kubrick to use

In 1988 Japanese actor Yusaku Matsuda starring as villain Sato in the film Black Rain (directed by Ridley Scott) was diagnosed with bladder cancer before shooting began. Matsuda refused chemotherapy, as he thought it would affect his ability to act. He died on November 6 at the age of 40.

George Lucas asked David Lynch to direct Return of the Jedi. Lynch declined and subsequently directed Dune, replacing Ridley Scott following his brother's death. Instead of Dune, Scott directed Blade Runner, which he had previously declined.

The Dark Knight Saga's Musical Score By Hans Zimmer Was First Born In 1989, The Very Same Melody And Style Was Used In Ridley Scott's Black Rain, Give It A Listen

Ridley Scott's movie, Alien, is actually about sexual abuse in society.

Ridley Scott was originally hired to be the director of the 1984 version of 'Dune' during its pre-production, but he dropped out when his brother unexpectedly died. Rather than wait for 'Dune', he went on to make 'Blade Runner' instead.

Apple launched the Macintosh computer in 1984 with a $1.5 million TV commercial directed by Ridley Scott which aired during the 3rd quarter of Super Bowl XVIII on January 22nd, 1984

Director Ridley Scott was going to cast Mickey Rooney as a main character in his 1985 film 'Legend' but didn't as he did not look small enough next to Tom Cruise.

Alien series creator Ridley Scott was almost gonna design Doctor Who's Daleks in 1963.

Rutger Hauer playing the replicant Batty in "Blade Runner" significantly altered the final "tears in the Rain soliloquy fearing the scripted lines were too hi-tech. So he "put a knife in it" the night before filming, without director Ridley Scott's knowledge

Ridley Scott worked on a scrapped version of "I Am Legend" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the main character, Robert Neville

The Max Headroom New Coke commercials were directed by Ridley Scott, George RR Martin wrote and episode of the show, and Max reemerged one last time in 2007

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