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In an early version of Little Red Riding Hood, the heroine is asked to strip off articles of her clothing one at a time by the wolf and then join him in bed. She then escapes by claiming she needs to go to the bathroom.

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In some early versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf leaves the grandmother's blood and meat for the girl to eat, who then unknowingly cannibalizes her own grandmother.

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  1. Charles Perrault wrote Little Red Riding Hood as a warning to young girls about men who would prey on them while they were walking through the forest. His message was that these men could seem very respectable but they were wolves underneath their false persona.

  2. Some of the most famous fairy tales Charles Perrault is known for include Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, and Bluebeard.

  3. One of the earliest versions of the fairytale "Little Red Riding Hood" originally had the Big Bad Wolf and title girl eating her grandmother together, followed by the wolf forcing Little Red Riding Hood to take off all her clothes and lay next to him naked.

  4. The original version of Little Red Riding Hood ended with the wolf eating her (after the granny), and the point of the tale was simply to make kids beware of the dangers of the outside world

  5. In some of the early versions of the story "Little Red Riding Hood", the bad wolf killed the grandmother and tricked little red into eating her grandma's flesh and blood

  6. On Charles Perrault's version, Little Red Riding Hood ends up being eaten by the wolf. Perrault says that the moral is not to trust strangers, especially the "gentle and obliging wolf".

  7. There is a book of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories where Little Red Riding Hood labels The woodsman "sexist" and "speciesist" for deciding to try to save Red Riding Hood by killing the wolf. The wolf, Red Riding Hood, and her grandmother then form an "alternative household" together.

  8. The ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ tale dates back to the 1st Century in the Middle East

  9. Early versions of Little Red Riding Hood stories involve cannibalism, where LRRH is tricked into eating granny, she was made to do a striptease and used the need to do a crafty poo to escape the wolf. The wolf wasn’t always a wolf, it used to be either an Ogre, Vampire or werewolf

  10. In Charles Perrault’s original of Little Red Riding Hood, there is no happy ending. And the wolf represents a sexual predator. In those days, a girl who lost her virginity was said to have “seen the wolf” and Perrault makes his moral explicit at the end.

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