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A long-lost Rembrandt painting was found in a basement in New Jersey. It was initially valued by a local auction house at $800, who were unaware of its true value. But numerous art buffs recognised its true value, resulting in it selling for $870,000 ($1.1 million with the sale premium).

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Art thieves posing as police officers stole 13 works valued at $500 million from the the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990. The stolen artwork include paintings by Rembrandt, Manet and Vermeer. The artwork hasn't been recovered, and empty frames hang in their place.

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  1. On March 18, 1990, two thieves stole 13 paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, including a Manet, two Rembrandts, and a Vermeer. Their total value is estimated at $500M, making it the largest private property theft ever. Both the thieves and the paintings have never been found.

  2. A Dutch scientist created an A.I. Program that studied all of Rembrandt's paintings and created an "original" piece based off the characteristics of the facial features.

  3. Rembrandt's priceless painting The Night Watch has survived serious acts of vandalism, like being slashed with a bread knife and sprayed with acid by an escaped psychiatric patient

  4. One of Rembrandt's paintings was attacked by a man who threw sulfuric acid and cut it with his knife, it took 12 years to restore the painting.

  5. On March 18, 1990, two thieves stole 13 paintings from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, including a Manet, two Rembrandts, and a Vermeer. Their total value is estimated at $500M, making it the largest private property theft ever. Neither the thieves nor the paintings have been found.

  6. The autopsy depicted in Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, an oil painting by Rembrandt, was a real event which took place in 1632. The corpse is that of Aris Kindt, who was convicted for armed robbery and sentenced to death by hanging. He was executed earlier on the same day of the scene.

  7. The Rijksmuseum has more than 2000 paintings, including work by Rembrandt and his students.

  8. The Hockney-Falco Thesis, which argues that the rise of ultra-realistic paintings by early Renaissance artists such as van Eyck or Rembrandt came in part from utilizing new optical aids, such as a camera lucida projecting an image on the canvas.

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Rembrandt's famous painting called 'The Night Watch' does not depict a watch and does not take place at night, and people have been complaining about this since the 19th century

Underneath Rembrandt’s painting An Old Man in Military Costume is a portrait of a much younger man. - source

By using face-mapping technology, a computer used 3-D Printed a completely new "Rembrandt" painting in the painter's style - source

The original collection purchased by Catherine the Great included paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens, Raphael, Jordaens, van Dyck, Veronese, and several other famous artists.

De Nachtwacht', is not the name that Rembrandt originally gave to his masterpiece, but is partly the result of a painting that has gathered dirt over the years. - source

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Some of Rembrandt's paintings were done not on canvas, but on copper sheets overlaid with gold leaf. Barely any of the gold was visible in the finished paintings.

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Thanks, in part, to the shield at the top of the painting The Nightwatch from Rembrandt, we know who all the militiamen in the painting are. And it seems they paid to be included in the painting.

Decades after the completion of the Nightwatch and also many years after Rembrandt’s death, an addition is made to the painting – at the top of the painting, a shield is painted by an anonymous artist. Inside the shield are the names of the men who had paid money to be included in the painting.

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