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That, primarily, Chameleons change their color to warm up (dark colors absorb more light) and be sexy (to other chameleons), not to camouflage themselves (as many people believe).

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Even a blind chameleon can change colors to blend in with its environment.

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  1. Women used to wear chameleons and other animals as jewelry. They would fasten chameleons to their hair and clothes, and admired how it changed colors to match their outfits.

  2. A "chameleons' color changes were better predictors of aggression and bite strength than the length or weight of their bodies, suggesting that a chameleon can get more useful information from his opponent's skin than from his size."

  3. The best known characteristic of chameleons is their ability to change the color of the skin. Most people believe that chameleons change their color to blend in with environment. Actually, change in color is the result of the mood change (when they are angry or aggressive), temperature, light and moisture in their environment. Cells equipped with pigment used for color change are called chromatophores.

  4. The Namaqua chameleon survives in the desert by using its colour changing skills. It becomes black in the morning to absorb heat, a lighter grey color to reflect light during the heat of the day - or both colours at the same time, neatly separated left from right by the spine.

  5. There is such a thing as a chameleon diamond, a rare green diamond that temporarily changes to a bright orange or yellow when heated or left in the dark for 24 hours.

  6. How chameleons change colors. Using nanocrystal-containing cells in their skin, called iridophores, chameleons can reflect different wavelengths of light by moving the crystals closer together for shorter wavelengths of light (blue) or farther apart to reflect longer wavelengths of light (red).

  7. Chameleons changing color for camouflage is a myth. The real reason they do it is to regulate their temperature and attract mates.

  8. Chameleons don't change colors to match their surroundings, but to show emotions.

  9. Octopi change colors!! They are chameleon-like!

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What chameleons change colour?

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How Chameleons REALLY change there colors?

Chameleons change color by changing the spacing of crystals in their skin! - source

The chameleons don't change color for camouflage, and other myths people still believe.

How and why Chameleons actually change color- it's not what you might think - source

When chameleons change color?

Scientists just found out how chameleons change color.

How chameleons change colour?

Chameleons change their color by rearranging light reflective nanocrystals in their skin

Chameleons change colour is as a signal, a visual signal of mood and aggression, territory and mating behaviour. Not to blend in with their surrounding.

Chameleons don't change their color to blend in with the surroundings, they change it based on their mood.

Chameleons have light-reflecting nanocrystals in their skin that can be rearranged to change their color

Chameleons change colors by rearranging a lattice of nanocrystals in their skin.

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