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The Deadpool film was only given the green light after test footage shot by the directors two years earlier was mysteriously leaked online. At first Ryan Reynolds thought one of the directors had released the footage but whoever leaked the footage at 20th Century Fox still remains anonymous.

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That, in Florida, prison executioners are private citizens who are able to remain anonymous and receive $150 per execution.

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  1. In 1976, residents of a small town in Ohio began receiving threatening anonymous letters. Thousands of letters were sent and some contained personal details. The main suspect was jailed but released after three years when he himself was sent a letter in prison. The case remains unsolved.

  2. Mario/Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto does not appear on Japanese television as to remain anonymous. As a result he is recognised more often by foreign tourists than Japanese people

  3. On June 10, 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous was founded by Dr. Bob Smith and Bill Wilson when Wilson gave Dr. Bob a beer to steady his hands before an operation he was to perform, and they promised to help each other remain sober and to work with others to do the same.

  4. During the 1900 Olympics, the Dutch Mens Double Rowing team felt their cox was too heavy. For the finals, they decided to use a boy from the Parisian crowd. Besides a quick photo, there's no record of the boy and to this day he remains the only Anonymous Olympic Gold Medal Winner.

  5. In AZ a person can give up their newborn child to any "safe haven" provider with no questions asked and remain completely anonymous.

  6. The KKK has had 3 iterations, going way back to 1866. The second KKK, formed in 1915, was the biggest version, and it was then that the white hood was adopted. Before this, the first Klansmen had to make their own, often colourfull costumes and masks, to remain anonymous.

  7. In 1963 The Rollings Stones did this commercial for Rice Krispies under condition the band remain anonymous

  8. A woman in 2004 accidentally hit David Bowie in the eye with a lollipop. She has remained anonymous until today, revealing that when Bowie later threw his guitar pick to the audience saying "I hope I hit you in the eye", she caught it.

  9. A non-profit pays off millions of medical bills for thousands of people with no strings attached - most donors chose to remain anonymous

  10. Since the 1930's an anonymous person has visited the grave of Edgar Allan Poe in the early hours of January 19 every year and raised a glass of cognac in Poe's memory leaving the remaining bottle and three roses behind, he has been named by the media the Poe Toaster.

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Usain Bolt has an addiction to CoD online (but remains anonymous)

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