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An Indiana man who repeatedly drugged his wife, raped her in her sleep, and videotaped the assaults over a three year period received no jail time, 8 years home confinement, and a 12 year suspended sentence. Prosecutors had asked for 40 years in prison.

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Four college students developed a nail polish that turns black when exposed to date rape drugs including Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB

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  1. Former Saints Safety Darren Sharper was already accused of rape in Nevada, Louisiana and Arizona when he was finally arrested for drugging and raping two women in Los Angeles. Investigators around the nation repeatedly failed to follow up on leads and test rape kits.

  2. In 1970 Hunter S. Thompson ran for sheriff of Pitkin Cty., CO and lost. His "Freak Power" program included disarming policemen, renaming Aspen "Fat City", punishing dishonest drug dealers, harassing those committing "land-rape" and limiting hunting and fishing to residents.

  3. The toy Aqua Dots/Bindeez was supposed to contain the non-toxic chemical 1,5-pentanediol (a viscous oily liquid used as plasticiser), but instead contained 1,4-butanediol, which is metabolised into the drug gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, also known as GHB, the date rape drug.

  4. In Nov. 2007, The popular children's toy Bindeez(or, Aquadots) was recalled because it contained 1,4-butanediol, which is metabolized into GHB(the date rape drug).

  5. There's a nail polish that detects date-rape drugs

  6. An internet meme from the early 2010s got sent to jail for 57 years after killing a man who drugged and raped him

  7. Date rape drugs: the evidence doesn't match the hype

  8. A large percentage of Reddit think male rape is ok to laugh about. How the fuck did this video make it to the front page , where were the mods and consider the reaction if this had been a woman being drugged and raped.

  9. About the Rape of Nanking. I would like to give a TLDR but that wouldn't do it justice. Seriously, even drug cartels wouldnt go this far. This video does explain it and I highly recommend it. Its mind blowing.

  10. Bill Cosby had a bit on his comedy album "It's True! It's True!" about procuring the date rape drug known as Spanish Fly.

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Bill Cosby, who has been accused by 15 women of similar allegations of date rape, had a joke in 1969 about drugging unknowing girls with "spanish fly".

Jim Jefferies, the comedian, had home invaders tie him up at knife point and threatened to rape his girlfriend. They were caught after police pulled them over for speeding in Jim Jefferies car with his drugs they stole that night. - source

Whoopi Goldberg thinks drugging and a 13 year old girl and having anal sex with her is not real rape. - source

2 Milwaukee police officers returned a injured, drugged and disoriented teen to his captor, Jeffrey Dahmer, without further investigation. The boy was raped, killed and dismembered later that night by Dahmer.

Rapper Rick Ross has been involved in much controversy, feuding with 50 Cent, rapping about date rape, gun and drug charges, but his biggest controversy to other rappers? His former job as a correctional officer in a Florida prison. - source

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In response to his arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and the date rape drug GHB; Nick Nolte said "I've been taking GHB for four years and I've never been raped."

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There's a nail polish that detects date rape drugs by dipping a finger into the drink

An Anti-Date rape straw has been invented in Israel. Designed to detect date rape drugs when placed in a beverage, and to alert the victim.

Justice injustice it's possible to go to jail for 6 months if you rape an unconscious person behind a dumpster, and it's also possible to serve a life sentence for drug possession alone.

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