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Operation 'Nifty Package'. Where the US military blared rock music, burnt fields and revved engines at the Vatican Embassy, where wanted General Noriega had sought refuge.

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In 1989 the United States launched an operation to depose the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. When he took refuge in the Vatican embassy, the US military blasted deafeningly loud rock-and-roll music continuously for ten days to force him out.

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  1. During the Invasion of Panama, the Panamanian President, Manuel Noriega, took refuge in the Vatican Embassy. Because the Vatican refused to hand him over, the US Army resorted to blasting rock music at deafening levels at the embassy in an attempt to get him to come out

  2. After the Invasion of Panama by the U.S. in 1990, then president, Manuel Noriega, took refuge in a Vatican diplomatic mission. Because of Noriega's supposed hatred of Rock & Roll music, the United States blasted Rock & Roll music all day and night until Noriega was forced to surrender.

  3. The U.S used rock music to capture Manuel Noriega. When Noriega took refuge in the Vatican embassy after the U.S invasion of Panama in 1989, the U.S used a "fleet of Humvees mounted with loudspeakers" to blast the embassy with songs such as Van Halen's "Panama" until Noriega surrendered.

  4. Playing of loud rock-and-roll music day and night was used to get Panama leader out of refuge in the Vatican diplomatic mission in Panama City

  5. When dictator Manuel Noriega took refuge in the Vatican Embassy in Panama in December 1989, the US Army repeatedly played hard rock songs, including "Panama" by Van Halen, to coax the ruler into surrendering, just days later.

  6. When Manuel Noriega took refuge in the Vatican Embassy in Panama in December 1989, the US Army used Rock & Roll songs (from Van Halen and The Clash) to drive him out

  7. The US military blared songs such as synth pop duo Modern Talking's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" on repeat through 10,000 watt speakers to get dictator Manuel Noriega to surrender himself from his refuge in the Vatican embassy. Noriega surrendered after 11 days.

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