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Geoffrey de Charny, a French knight, veteran of the Hundred Years War, writer of Book of Chivalry, dedicated parts of his book to preventing psychological trauma from warfare, and cautioned his comrades that “when they would be secure from danger, they will be beset by great terrors”.

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The whistling noise when bombs are dropped are an actual intentional design for psychological warfare in WW2.

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  1. In 2014, South Korean Christians put up a Christmas tree visible from the North Korean Border. North Korea responded by calling it a "tool for psychological warfare" and threatened to bomb it.

  2. As an act of psychological warfare the US army planned to drop extra large condoms labeled as medium in the Soviet Union to demoralize the Soviets.

  3. In 2014, Christians in South Korea put up a giant Christmas tree which was visible from the North Korean border. The North Koreans claimed it was a tool for psychological warfare and demanded it be taken down. The defence ministry claimed the was dismantled for safety concerns.

  4. Brigadier General Edward Lansdale, who in post WWII Philippines used the natives’ belief in vampires and ghosts his psychological warfare campaign. His men were instructed to abduct enemy stragglers, kill them, puncture their necks twice, and then bleed the corpses out. Edited for grammar

  5. During the Vietnam War, several companies requested packs of playing cards that contained nothing but the Ace of Spades, because they used them in psychological warfare. They believed enemy troops saw it as a symbol of death, and scattered them in the jungle. Thousands of packs were sent.

  6. The FBI ran COINTELPRO, an illegal series of projects operated to suppress "subversive" movements like civil rights (including MLK) or growing third parties. These targets faced tricks like psychological warfare, killings (together with police departments), and slander through newspapers.

  7. The British army created a special force of "Facebook warriors," skilled in psychological operations and use of social media to engage in unconventional warfare in the information age.

  8. Operation Nifty Package, a US mission in which American soldiers repeatedly blared rock music such as "I Fought the Law" and "Welcome to the Jungle" as a form of psychological warfare to force dictator Manuel Noriega to come out of his Vatican sanctuary. He surrendered after 10 days.

  9. Soldiers in the U.S. military’s psychological warfare department (PSYOPS) used loudspeakers to tempt enemy fighters in Afghanistan into battles they couldn’t win by calling them,”lady men” and “cowardly dogs”.

  10. Gaslighting was used as early as WWII by Nazi Germany as one of the Zersetzung psychological manipulation warfare techniques to destroy and drive political opponents to psychosis and suicide.

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The US considered dyeing Mt. Fuji black in WWII as psychological warfare against the Japanese

The WW2 dive bomber cartoon-ish plane sound was actually a siren used for psychological warfare - source

US troops blasted rock music as a form of psychological warfare to draw Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega out of a Holy See embassy

There was a plan during WWII to paint Mt. Fuji black as a tactic in psychological warfare. - source

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In 2014 Kim Jong-Il threatened to bomb a South Korean Christmas tree on the DMZ after the North stated it was a "provocative display of psychological warfare."

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Physically strong men are significantly more militant and supportive of military action. Consequently, modern warfare is influenced by a psychology designed for ancestral war.

About the Battle of Pelusium (525 BC). Egyptians at the time regarded cats as sacred, so Cabyses’ army carried cats in front of them in which the Egyptians did not dare to shoot their arrows for fear of wounding the animals. This would be an early form of psychological warfare.

During the battle of STALINGRAD once the German 6th army division had been encircled and doomed Tango music was played over the Citys speaker system as a form of psychological warfare

CIAs involvement with Hollywood media was declassified in memo that stated ways to influence thoughts, behaviors and attitudes “in the interest of psychological warfare”

The United States played tapes of distorted human sounds at night as a form of psychological warfare during the Vietnam War.

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Soldiers in the U.S. military’s psychological warfare department (PSYOPS) used loudspeakers to tempt enemy fighters in Afghanistan into battles they couldn’t win by calling them,”lady men” and “cowardly dogs” and also air dropped propaganda leaflets.

Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 was used as psychological warfare during WWII at Leningrad, where the music was played by starving musicians and military performers. Music was broadcast to citizens and the German front lines, raising morale for the starving Russians.

Music has been used as a psychological weapon in warfare for a very long time

About the songs used as psychological warfare by U. S. Marines to make fugitive ex Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega surrender which was hiding in the Vatican embassy in 1989 (list of songs starts on page 4)

The Ministry of Defense of South Korea set up many large TV screens across the border in North Korea in order to broadcast music videos by many of the notorious K-pop girl groups as part of "psychological warfare" against their rival country.

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The creator of The National Enquirer, Generoso Pope, Jr., worked for the CIA's psychological warfare unit

During the Vietnam war, a CIA agent named Tony Poe built a "secret army" in Laos that chopped off ears for body counts and tossed severed heads into crowds for psychological warfare.

When Manuel Noriega fled to the Apostolic Nunciature, the US Army played loud rock music and other methods of psychological warfare to convince him to surrender.

The US forces sometimes blast Ride of the Valkyries through speakers during attacks as psychological warfare. This was even done in Vietnam.

The first recorded goat kidnapping was in 1953. The animal was the property of the United States Naval Academy, the perpetrators were from West Point, and a football tradition was born. The kidnapping was not about ransom; it was psychological warfare in the name of Army football.

Militaries used Airborne Leaflet Propaganda as a means of communication and psychological warfare.

Operation Wandering Soul. It was a psychological warfare method used by the US to frighten the Vietnamese soldiers. It was played in the middle of the night over the forests from big speakers in helicopters.

The Taiwanese island of Quemoy is 2,310 meters from the nearest Chinese territory and loudspeaker taunts up to 19 hours a day between the straits are part of the psychological warfare between Taiwan and Communist China

Only 15% of KGBs time, money and manpower were used on espionage. The remaining 85% were used on 'active measures', which is a slow process of ideological subversion and psychological warfare to change the perception of reality of your enemy

North Korea threatened to bombard the North-South Korean border because South Korea put up a Christmas tree, calling it "psychological warfare"

King Goujian of Yue would have his front rank of troops decapitate themselves (probably just cut their own throats) as a form of psychological warfare.

"Operation Devil Eyes", a secret psychological warfare program designed by the CIA to distribute Osama bin Laden action figures in Asia. The faces, when heated, were designed to peel off and reveal a demonic face underneath.

Ancient warriors' lead ammunition for slings had holes drilled in them to make the bullets whistle causing for psychological warfare

29 years ago Soviet defector and KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov talked about the psychological warfare waged by Communist Russia. He describes modern America EXACTLY!

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