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Hockey player Clint Malarchuck who, in 1989 nearly died after his carotid artery and jugular vein were both sliced open in a freak hockey accident. Then 19 years later in 2008, Malarchuck attempted suicide by shooting himself with a rifle. He survived and now gives speeches about OCD.

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The costume worn by Star Trek's Seven of Nine had to be modified after an error was made measuring the original. The bad fit cut off the blood supply from her carotid artery, causing her to pass out twice and require medical intervention. The costume was modified to stop it from happening again.

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  1. The first confirmed victim of Takata airbags was 18y/o Parham. As she drove around a car park, she lightly bumped another vehicle making the airbag inflate, sending metal pieces at such tremendous force that one hit the teen’s neck slicing open her carotid artery. She bled to death in her seat

  2. In the 19. century men used to wear detachable stiff collars. They were dubbed ‘father killers’ as they could cut off the blood supply to the carotid artery, causing the wearer to suffocate.

  3. Swallowed fish bones can puncture through the digestive system, requiring surgery to remove. In rare cases, they can also puncture surrounding organs and blood vessels, including the carotid artery and jugular vein.

  4. When NHL goalie Clint Malarchuk's carotid artery was slashed by another player's skate, he was saved by the team's athletic trainer, a former army medic and Vietnam veteran, who reached into his neck and pinched off the artery until medical help could arrive.

  5. You can die from a nose bleed. Nosebleeds can be caused by a torn internal carotid artery and in that case the bleeding can be fast enough to be life threatening. It’s also possible for a milder nosebleed to block your airway and asphyxiate you.

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