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In Yoro, Honduras a strange phenomenon occurs where fish fall from the sky. It is called fish rain or "Iluvia de peces".

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Rainbows can be viewed at night and it's called a Moonbow. The moon must be low in the sky and the night sky is very dark and there must be rain falling opposite the moon.

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  1. About “concussionist" R.G. Dyrenforth, hired by the U.S. government in 1891 to make it rain over Texas by blasting water from the skies with explosives. Despite being "certain that rain can be caused by explosion in mid-air," he just managed to catch all manner of things on fire with his kites.

  2. There is a phenomenon that occurs annually in Yoro, Honduras, where fish fall from the sky like rain and the citizens hold a festival to celebrate this.

  3. The Xia people were very religious and believed in many gods that represented everything in nature from rain, the earth, and rivers, to the sky.

  4. In 1970, a dead whale washed up on Florence Beach, Oregon. Instead of cremating or burying the creature, authorities decided to blow it up with dynamite. The explosion caused bits of whale and chunks of blubber to rain from the sky, injuring spectators and damaging cars.

  5. Animal Rain is an actual meteorological phenomenon, documented cases of which include; fish, frogs, snakes, and spiders falling from the sky.

  6. There is a phenomenon in Australia where spiders rain down from the sky.

  7. For several minutes on March 3, 1876 chunks of red meat rained down from the sky. No one at the time could identify the type of meat, some said it was beef others said bear. It was called the Kentucky Meat Shower.

  8. Lightning bolts have been recorded triggering nuclear reactions in the skies above Japan, causing radiation and antimatter to rain down upon the Earth.

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There is an annual fish rain in Honduras where fish supposedly fall from the sky - source

The planet COROT-7b gets so hot that it boils rock and then literally rains pebbles from the sky. - source

In the aftermath of Hiroshima, black fluid began to fall from the sky, a mixture of smoke, ash and rain. Thousands of people who survived the bomb died drinking radioactive black rain in an effort to stave off thirst.

About the super rare Rain of Animals, a meteorological phenomenon, in which flightless animals, such as fish, jellyfish, frogs & more literally fall from the sky in huge quantities, sometimes under a completely normal weather. OMFG. - source

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Baby Gossamer spiders can climb up tall surfaces and be launched by an electrostatic field. It's a method of dispersal. They use very fine silk and can be carried kilometers. Thus, baby Gossamer spiders will occasionally rain down from the sky.

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The Kentucky Meat Shower, the 1876 phenomenon in which the sky rained lung tissue from either a horse or a human infant.

Spider Rain, a phenomenon where millions of Money Spiders use a reverse parachute effect to fly through the sky.

If you see a rainbow in the west of the sky it means moisture, which can mean rain is on its way. On the other hand, a rainbow in the east around sunset means that the rain is on its way out and you can look forward to sunny days.

The exploding whale of Florence, Oregon, when the state attempted to blow a beached whale carcass back into the ocean with dynamite. Miscalculating the controlled explosion, they ended up completely pulverizing the carcass, resulting in deadly blubber raining from the sky.

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Australia experiences "spider rains" where millions of spiders drop from the sky

During strong wind storms, fish can be sucked into the sky then fall back to earth, thus making it appear that it is raining fish

Once a year for 2 hours, fish will rain from the sky in Honduras. A similar event happens with spiders in Gibraltar.

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