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The Midnight Club was a secret street racing team in Tokyo, bound by a strict moral code that put pedestrian/motorist safety first. The club disbanded in 1999 when a race turned accident killed innocent drivers

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Mexican Racing driver Pedro Rodríguez always traveled with a Mexican flag and a record of the national anthem, because when he won the 1967 South African GP the organizers did not have the Mexican anthem, and instead played the Mexican hat dance.

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  1. Top Gear's "tame racing driver", The Stig, would often eat his lunch in the back of an ambulance to avoid being identified. He would also remain in his racing overalls and helmet throughout the day and would put on a French-like accent when talking.

  2. Dick Trickle, the NASCAR driver ESPN anchors Keith Olberman and Dan Patrick would always be sure to announce the results for because they thought his name was funny. Trickle had a hole drilled in his helmet so he could smoke cigarettes during races, and won rookie of the year at 48 years old

  3. When Australian driver Alan Jones won the 1977 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the race organisers didn't have a copy of his national anthem to play at the podium ceremony (unaware that it was God Save The Queen). Instead, a drunk person played "Happy Birthday" on a trumpet.

  4. Jann Mardenborough became a professional race car driver by beating 90,000 people in the video game gran turismo.

  5. All Porsche cars have the ignition on the left side of the steering-wheel. This comes from an idea at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race when drivers had to start the car themselves, this way the driver could start the car with his left hand while put it in gear with his right hand and start faster.

  6. The Cannonball Run, an unsanctioned coast to coast race held by Car and Driver magazine in the 1970s protesting speed limits. Cars would average 100 MPH, barreling across America in as little as two days.

  7. Racing stripes were originally used to help drivers realign a spun out car with the road

  8. Race car driver Niki Lauda was born into a wealthy Austrian family but cut off contact because they did not support his career. Without their support he ended up having to go into debt to continue driving... but ended up becoming one of the most successful F1 drivers in history

  9. Despite over 100 years of competition, no one named "Smith" has ever raced in the Indy 500. However there have been two, unrelated, drivers named "Howdy Wilcox."

  10. NASCAR Legend Dale Earnhardt, along with many other NASCAR drivers, resisted use of the HANS device when it was introduced. The HANS was developed specifically to help prevent Basilar skull fractures common to car racing. Earnhardt later died after suffering this exact injury

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George Lucas originally intended to be a race-car driver, but in 1962, his car flipped, nearly killing him, and causing him to lose interest in racing.

That, during the 1994 San Marino GP, Austrian driver Roland Ratzenberger lost his life after a crash. On the very next day, world champion Ayrton Senna died on the same track. Among the wreckage of Senna's car was an Austrian flag which he intended to raise after the race to honor Ratzenberger. - source

George Lucas planned to become a professional race-car driver, however, a terrible car accident just after his high school graduation ended that dream permanently. - source

F1 driver Damon Hill had cold black tea loaded into his car rather than water so it would heat up during the race giving him a hot beverage.

The heir to the Habsburg dynasty, which dominated much of Europe for centuries, is a 22-year-old race car driver - source

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Top Gear's test driver, The Stig, is silent and anonymous because the show's creators were originally unable to find a racing driver with experience at speaking on-camera.

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In 1957, Argentine F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio broke the lap time record at the German Grand Prix 10 times in one race. In 22 laps he broke the standing record then beat his own record 9 more times. After making up a 48 second deficit he passed the leader on the last lap to take the win.

After a horrific crash, race car driver Ricky Rudd's eyes were swollen so badly he taped his eyes open to be able to race in the Daytona 500, he finished 7th and was given the nickname "Ironman".

In 1907 Scipione Borghese joined a car race from Peking to Paris spanning mountains, deserts, and swamps. He and all the drivers left without permission to travel through Mongolia. He drove through a falling bridge and was nearly hit by a train while stuck on the train tracks. He won in 61 days.

There's quite a burgeoning drifting/legal street racing scene in Palestine where they race mostly old modified cars. There's even a racing team where all its three drivers are women, to the awe of Palestinian men everywhere.

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After a 1960 accident which killed a young spectator, racing driver Dan Gurney developed life long fear of heavy braking which resulted in his brakes lasting longer than those of his competitors - an important factor in endurance races. This contributed to his LeMans and Daytona victories.

The greatest driver in the history of NASCAR is racing legend Richard Petty. He won 200 NASAR races. He won Daytona 500 a total of seven times. Richard Petty invented the window net to help protect the drivers" arms during a crash.

In 1952, French race driver Pierre Levegh drove the Le Mans 24 hour race single-handedly for 23 hours straight, before his car suffered an engine failure in the last hour of the race with a four lap lead.

Race car driver Barney Oldfield advertised the Ford company brand by demonstrating the car around the country.

Racing driver Jackie Stewart lost 57 competitors, often friends, to crashes over 11 years. He eventually became a leader in F1 safety campaigns.

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Lightning Mqueen of Pixars Cars is not named after actor and race driver Steve McQueen, but actually Pixar animator Glenn McQueen, who died in 2002.

Formula 1 drivers can change gear upto 4000 times (manually) in a single race

The 1953 edition of the gruelling 24 hour Le Mans race was won by a drunk driver

Deadly accidents were so common in early Indy 500 races that bookmakers offered propositions that allowed people to bet on whether a particular driver would live or die

Max Verstappen a dutch racing driver, competed in Formula One before obtaining a driver's licence.

Michael Schumacher, a famous race car driver, once took over for his taxi driver when he was late for a flight.

Formula One driver Michael Schumacher was on the podium for every race in the 2002 season, including 11 victories. He broke the record for most podiums in a single racing season.

Daniil Kvyat, formerly of Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso, held a FIA Super license before he held a Russian driver's license

About "liondromes", an extension of 1930s daredevil motordromes -- racing cars on near verticle circular wooden tracks -- but with lions in sidecars. One driver on the liondrome circuit -- Marjorie Kemp -- was mauled by her feline companions at least four times throughout her career

The creator of Gran Turismo, is also a professional racing driver. He finished 1st in the SP 8T class in "24 Hours of Nürburgring 2012".

In 1988 race car driver Al Unser Jr. took the Oscar Meyar Weinermobile to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway drove it for several laps. The dog reached an impressive 110 miles (177 kilometers) per hour.

A British professional racing driver currently competing for Nissan NISMO in LMP1 class in the FIA World Endurance Championship that had no experience other than Playing Gran Tourismo while living with his parents.

During a race a NASCAR driver can lose as much as 10 pounds from body sweat. They must stay hydrated or they can lose their ability to focus.

NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch got permission from Sony to use Ricky Bobby's "ME" paint scheme for a race in 2012, both his crew and announcers referred to him as Ricky Bobby throughout the race

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