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Racecar driver Alan Stacey died in 1960 when he crashed after being hit in the face by a bird at 120mph

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Target fixation, when a person is concentrating so much on avoiding something that he increases the chances of hitting it. Racecar drivers, fighter pilots, mountain bikers, and others moving at high speed can experience the issue.

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  1. Racecar driver Joie Chitwood acted as a car safety consultant, intentionally crashing more than 3,000 vehicles for subsequent investigation. Highways are safer today because of these tests.

  2. Racecar Driver Michael Schumacher Received His Own Private Island from Prince of Dubai as a Retirement Gift.

  3. About Jim Hall, an innovative racecar driver from Texas. He is credited with being the first racer to attach a wing to his car for down force. He was also the first to attach suction fans under his car for even more down force, and one of the first to use an auto transmission in a racecar.

  4. Graham Hill is the only racecar driver to have won the Triple Crown of Motorsport, consisting of the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

  5. The ignition in Porsches is to the left of the steering wheel. The placement of the ignition enabled a racecar driver to start the car with the left hand and put it in gear with the right.

  6. The heir apparent to the House of Habsburg is a professional racecar driver.

  7. 28 year old Jann Mardenborough won the GT Academy competition and was awarded a race from Nissan. After that, he competed in more races transforming him into a professional racing driver. Before this, he has not driven a real racecar before.

  8. George Lucas wanted to be a racecar driver, but a near fatal car accident days before his high school graduation changed his mind.

  9. At the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix, the Jaguar Formula One Team created a special livery to promote the release of the Oceans Twelve movie, including two diamonds worth $300,000 embedded in the nose of the racecar. One of the drivers crashed on the first lap and the diamond was never found.

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