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The rules of chess were changed in the 15th century to reflect the accomplishments of Queen Isabella

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Queen Isabella; frustrated, humiliated and tired of her husband; fled England, tricked him to send their son, invaded England with her lover (enemy and fugitive of her husband) and defeated him.

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  1. In chess, the queen used to be a relatively weak piece that reflected moral inferiority; that changed around 1500 with the rise of Queen Isabella of Spain.

  2. About Queen Isabella of Valois, who was married at 6-years-old and widowed at 11. She reportedly had a close platonic relationship with her husband Richard II and was heartbroken when he died, refusing attempts to force her to remarry as she was 'in mourning'.

  3. Portuguese king John II was called "The Man"/"The Dude" (El Hombre) by queen Isabella of Castile (Spain)

  4. The Queen in chess was inspired by Queen Isabella of Castile, the monarch who unified Spain in the 15th century.

  5. The Columbus Monument in Barcelona was built in 1888. It was meant to honor Christopher Columbus and to remind people that he reported to King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I first, when he returned from his first voyage.

  6. In 1475, Queen Isabella was crowned, the queen chess piece became female, and could only one square at a time, like the King. In 1495, when Isabella was the most powerful woman in Europe, that the present rules of chess were established, in which the Queen moves in all directions on the board.

  7. The Queen piece in chess is based of Queen Isabella.

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