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Meth is so common in North Korea that suited elites in Pyongyang restaurants offer each other a “nose” after dinner, the middle classes take it as a cold cure or remedy for back pain, and the poor take it to ease the emptiness in their stomach.

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In the '70s, North Korea ordered 1,000 Volvos from Sweden. To this day, the cars have not been paid for. Sweden still sends an invoice to Pyongyang, but North Korea has never upheld its end of the agreement.

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  1. North Korea's official state news agency claims archaeologists in Pyongyang discovered a unicorn lair.

  2. A US navy spy ship captured by North Korea in 1968 is still listed as actively commissioned even though it's on display in the Pyongyang Victorious War Museum

  3. Two Australians fooled officials into letting them play in an international golf tournament at North Korea's only golf course. For five days they were treated as honored guests and taken on official visits around Pyongyang before being exposed as frauds due to their poor golfing skills.

  4. The Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea is 330 metres (1,080 ft) tall and was intended to be world's tallest hotel but these days it is the tallest unoccupied building in the world

  5. An American who disappeared in China in 2004 is strongly suspected of having been kidnapped by North Korean agents and may still be alive in Pyongyang.

  6. Meth is so common in North Korea that suited elites in Pyongyang restaurants offer each other a “nose” after dinner, the middle classes take it as a cold cure or remedy for back pain, and the poor take it to ease the emptiness in their stomach.

  7. North Korea once attempted to solve its food shortage problems with ostriches. Most of which end up on the plates of the rich and powerful in Pyongyang.

  8. In 2014 a Kenyan man was detained in North Korea after his travel agent confused Pyongyang for Pyeongchang

  9. The largest stadium in the world is in Pyongyang, North Korea. It has a capacity of 114,000 people.

  10. Every year the Chinese government offers 60 students full scholarships to North Korean universities. Chinese students enjoy more freedom to wander around the country than tourists and are permitted to travel from city to city without a tour guide and take the Pyongyang subway

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Pyongyang, North Korea has the deepest underground public transportation system on Earth. It goes 360 feet below the ground which is the equivalent of a 36 story building. The escalator trip from the surface to the platform takes 3 and a half minutes.

In 2015, North Korea set its clocks back 30 minutes creating their own time zone, known as "Pyongyang time". The government made this decision as a break from 'imperialism'; the time zone change went into effect on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea from Japan. - source

The Pyongyang's Global Happiness Ranking ranked North Korea the second happiest country on earth, behind only China (Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela rounded out the top 5). The United States was last. - source

According to North Korea unicorns exist and there is a grave near a temple in Pyongyang

In 2014, an indigenous Kenyan cow herder registered to attend a U.N. biodiversity conference in Pyeongchang, South Korea accidently flew to Pyongyang, North Korea instead, where he was detained for several hours for not having a visa, and was only allowed to leave after paying a $500 fine. - source

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Part of the BBC’s news team in Pyongyang was detained and expelled in 2016 for "disrespectful" reporting of North Korea's leadership

Pyongyang is host to a Shia Mosque, North Korea's only Mosque and one of 5 religious buildings in the nation's capital.

The Pyongyang Marathon, an annual marathon race contested each April in Pyongyang, North Korea. The competition was originally closed off to foreigners, however since 2000, the competition has been permanently opened for international runners.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Il had a preference for European blondes, with their corn colored hair, deep set eyes, and large breasts. As a result, he brought groups of Swedish and German prostitutes to Pyongyang under the name of social and cultural exchange

The United States of America and Australia have no diplomatic mission of their own in Pyongyang and are both represented in North Korea by the Swedish Embassy.

North Korea is making millions feeding foreigners by running an empire of restaurants abroad called Pyongyang's. They cater to tourists in 130 different locations, in Southeast Asia and even the Netherlands.

North Korea recently created its own time zone and named it 'Pyongyang time' because of 'The wicked Japanese imperialists committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time'

Montevideo, Uruguay, is the furthest capital city from Pyongyang, North Korea.

There is a North Korean racing game called "Pyongyang Racer"

North Korea Created Its Own Time Zone 30 Minutes Behind Japan And South Korea Known As Pyongyang Time. They Created This Time Zone In 2015 In Celebration Of 70 Years Liberated From Japan

Korean American author Sook Nyul Choi was born in Pyongyang, fled to South Korea and later to the US. She wrote a children's novel "The Year of Impossible Goodbyes" that describes her own life during the Korean war and her harrowing escape from North Korea to South Korea in search of freedom

Coca-Cola has denied entering the North Korean market, after footage appeared to show the drink being served in a Pyongyang restaurant in 2012

The Lion King was partially drawn by SEK Studios in Pyongyang, North Korea without Walt Disney's knowledge.

North Korea actually has 25 foreign embassies in Pyongyang and has 47 of their own embassies around the world even in countries such as Germany and Italy.

North Korea created its own timezone, Pyongyang Time, in order to break from imperialism.

In 2015 North Korea invented a time zone for itself - 'Pyongyang Time' (30min behind South Korea and Japan).

There is a golf course in Pyongyang, North Korea, which hosts an annual amateur golf tournament. The course record of 33 was set by Kim Jong Il in 1992.

The Kim Jong-Il golf story is not part of his biography but a myth made up by foreigners. According to informal surveys of North Koreans themselves revealed that no one in Pyongyang was aware of this legendary feat, unless told it by a tourist.

Chinese tourism to North Korea has reached record highs. At peak times 2,000 people a day had been arriving in Pyongyang, so North Korean authorities had themselves set a 1,000-a-day cap

The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics is stylized with a capital "c" to differentiate the host city of Pyeongchang and Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea

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