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René Carmille, a punched-card computer expert and French double agent who is believed to have saved thousands of lives by sabotaging Nazi efforts to identify Jewish citizens. He eventually was found out, withstood torture, and sent to a concentration camp where he died in January of 1945.

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Punchcards were invented to solve the problem of the 1890 US Census. It took 8 years to process the data of the 1880 census, so Herman Hollerith invented punch cards for tabulation, ushering in the era of data storage, databases, and supercomputers.

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  1. One of the first instances of a stored computer program was in 1801, when Joseph Marie Jacquard demonstrated a loom that wove fabrics based on hole-punched cards that were fed into the machine.

  2. A bug fix in software is called a "patch" because when computers were programmed by punch cards, bugs were fixed by literally placing a patch over one hole and punching another.

  3. The numerical tattoo inked on the arms of Auschwitz prisoners was originally an IBM identification number used to track that prisoner in the punch card system.

  4. A business in Texas still uses a 1949 IBM 402 punched card computer. It still runs all of its accounting work (payroll, sales, and inventory) through the IBM 402.

  5. A "full size" SIM card is actually the size of a credit card, which is why SIM cards are always punched out from a credit-card-sized piece of plastic. Leaving it in the plastic keeps it a first-generation SIM card!

  6. The Jacquard Loom, invented in 1804, was a device that simplified the process of manufacturing textiles, allowing patterns to be programmed via punch card. It was the conceptual precursor to the development of computer programming and data entry.

  7. Software Patches are called such because programmers would use tape to physically patch over punch holes on punchcard cards.

  8. Early computer punch cards used in the first transistor based computers were originally designed in 1801 for fabric making Jacquard loom machines.

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A software update is sometimes called a "patch" because in the olden days that was literally what it was: paper patches on some of the holes in a punch card

The world's first programmable computer, the Jacquard Loom, was built in 1801. Its punch cards inspired IBM's first computers. - source

It's called a software patch because they would originally patch the hole in the punch card. - source

The first "computer dating service" in the U.S. was started in 1965 - clients mailed in a questionnaire and their answers were transferred to punch cards for processing. They were sent back names and phone numbers of their matches.

The 14 character limit on bank transaction description field in Australian online banking was due to some limit related to ancient punch card systems - source

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During WW2, IBM helped the Nazi Regime carry through their policy of genocide through the invention of the Hollerith Punch Card.

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After xkcd posted a what-if QA about google's storage capacity on puch cards, google sent punch cards filles with puzzles. The answer to the puzzles were "no comment".

In 1980 Artist Tehching Hsieh locked himself in cage and took a picture of himself punching a time card every hour for a year straight.

From the invention of the computer program languages to the mid-1980s, programmers created, edited and stored their programs line by line on physical punched cards.

After XKCD artist Randall Munroe made the comic answering "How many punch cards would google need to store their data?" Google sent him a coded response.

Punch-card programmable machines were invented in 1801 for textile weaving.

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IBM technology was used to help facilitate Nazi genocide during the Holocaust though the use of identification punch cards supplied by the American company IBM.

IBM created a punch card system which helped the nazis in the holocaust to identify Jewish people faster.

In the early days of programming, magnetised needles were used to fix bugs on Punch Cards[Early form of memory].

IBM was a central ally to Nazi Germany in planning and executing the Holocaust — the original Auschwitz tattoo was an IBM identification number, and the trains that "ran on time" ran on IBM Hollerith punch card machines

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