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If you receive public funding for construction in Philadelphia, you have to dedicate a percentage to public space or art. It's in part why Philadelphia has the most murals in the world.

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Las Vegas' new NHL team will use an arena funded by 0 taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, the NFL's Raiders are asking for $750 million upfront in public money to fund the construction of a new stadium in order to relocate to LV.

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  1. On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers appeared before the U.S Senate Commerce Committee requesting funds to help support the growth of a new concept. National Public Television.

  2. Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton ever found, was going to be put in a private collection before companies including Disney and McDonald's helped fund the Field Museum's effort to purchase her for display to the public.

  3. Andrew Carnegie, starting in the late 1800s, funded the construction of almost 1700 public libraries across the country, and over 800 abroad, for any town that would agree to set aside the land, and 10% of the construction cost annually to maintain it.

  4. Mister Rogers defended public television to the US Senate; his testimony helped convince the Congress to increase funding to PBS, rather than cut it in half, as President Nixon wanted

  5. There is a school board in NY that consists of orthodox religious parents who send their students to private school. Holding the majority, they were able to gut funding and close public schools at the dismay of public school parents, while using funding for their private schools.

  6. Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones was the subject of a 1987 PBS documentary called "Trader" and wants to hide it from the public so much that he buys every copy that becomes available and tries to block it from being aired on the internet

  7. Peter Pan has an Exception to Public Domain Law, so it can Continue to Fund a Children's Hospital

  8. In order to raise funds, London's Bedlam Lunatic Asylum allowed, for a penny, public visitors to "stare" at the patients.

  9. In 1995, the UN and the World Health Organization published a study that said "that occasional cocaine use does not typically lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems." Publication was discontinued to threats from the USA representative to withdraw funding.

  10. Readjuster Party, led by two former Confederate officers in post-Civil-War Virginia, abolished the poll tax, abolished the public whipping post, funded public schools for African Americans, hired African Americans as teachers, and founded the historically black Virginia State University.

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When the Soviet Union launched the 1st satellite (Sputnik) into space in 1957, the event created such a profound public shock in the US that, in less than a year, congress had increased education funding six-fold and Eisenhower had signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act - creating NASA.

During the space race the public was generally opposed to funding manned space exploration, and spaceflight was ranked near the top of federal programs the public would prefer cut. - source

In Germany everyone has to pay for a TV licence by law to fund public broadcasting. They also billed Janosch Städtler repeatedly due to a registration which was filed online by a unkown hoaxer. Attempts of his family to explain that he is a dog remained unheard. - source

In 1939, after the German invasion of Poland, the Kingdom of Tonga was among the first to declare war against Germany. Subsequently, in result of a public campaign the society of Tonga funded two Spitfire fighter aircrafts. The Kingdom was ruled at that time by queen Sālote Tupou III

Public school districts receive the majority of their funding from property taxes, not from federal funding, which explains why schools from well of neighborhoods are well funded while schools in poor neighborhoods lack resources and funding. - source

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The city of Chattanooga, TN built a publicly funded ISP with speeds of 1000mbps for $70/mo.

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The Royal Society invested so heavily in the publication of The History of Fish that it almost went bankrupt and couldn't fund the publication of Isaac Newton's groundbreaking work Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

This bill also now mandates that there are educational programs on the history of the Constitution in all publicly funded schools on Constitution Day.

The US public provides more than half a billion dollars a year in federal funding to Harvard, which is a private institution

A group of Orthodox Jews in New Jersey joined their local school board and began redirecting funds from public schools to their childrens' yeshiva classes...despite their children not attending any of these public schools

The town of Vulcan, West Virginia only got funding for a much-needed bridge in 1977 from state officials after appealing to the Soviet and East German governments for aid, receiving much publicity over their plight from the USSR

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Louisiana ban universities from using public funds for "communistic or atheistic" activities

A billionaire hedge fund manager spent $50million investigating HERBALIFE and exposing it as pyramid scheme in a public presentation. HERBALIFE share price shot up 25% as a result.

In 1989 the goverment passed a bill called “Whistleblower Protection Plan” that protects any federal employee that reports: suspicious activity, gross waste of funds, regulations, danger to public health, violation of laws,...etc; Against any agency who decides to retaliate.

Nearly 500 years later, public housing funded by one of the richest men in history (Jakob Fugger) is still in use and funded by the same trust

American public schools are not equally funded.

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The Bayh-Dole Act allows the US government to legally cap prices on private industries and their products that are created from publicly-funded research at universities to prevent the public for "paying twice" for new inventions and this includes a majority of all modern technology used.

A British appeal for donations from the public during World War I paid for 250 biplanes, costing between £1,500 and £3,500 each. This fund-raiser, called the Imperial Aircraft Flotilla, was endorsed by the King George V.

Mentally disabled children at a publicly-funded school in New York were intentionally exposed to hepatitis by researchers.

Canada was in violation of article 26 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, because Ontario's Ministry of Education discriminates against non-Catholics by continuing to publicly fund separate Catholic schools, but not those of any other religious groups.

Tax-supported high schools comes from a court case that started in Kalamazoo MI, setting a nationwide precedent for public funding of high schools.

The Government Pension Fund of Norway owns on average 1,5% of ALL public listed companies.

The Swedish government funded public transport company made a doge summer campaign back when the meme first became popular.

About the "Theorica". This festival fund in ancient Greece was established to provide enough money for poorer Athenian citizens to be able to purchase tickets for yearly festivals of public worship and theatrical productions.

Eddie 'The Eagle' competed for Britain in the 1988 Winter Olympics. He had no funding, wore fogged-over glasses and weighed 9kg more than any rival. He came last and was dubbed the ski-dropper in the media but became a legendary figure in the UK, earning up to £10,000/hr for public appearances.

C-SPAN was created as a public service by the cable TV industry, with providers each paying $.06 per subscriber to fund it.

Federal and State funding for U.S. public universities has actually increased 19 times over since 1960, despite drastically rising tuition costs.

The first sovereign wealth fund was created by Texas in 1854 to fund public education.

In the 1940s 36 men from the Civilian Public Serivce Corps volunteered for an Army funded starvation study.

In Colonial America public works projects were often funded by lotteries

The Congressional Research Service, a publicly funded agency known for it's nonpartisan professionalism, and accuracy, does not make its research public and multiple attempts todo so have failed.

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